Facebook Marketing: Internal Promotion Strategies

There are several interesting Facebook facts doing the rounds. One of the most intriguing statistics is that on an average, users spend around 700 billion minutes on Facebook every month! The popularity of Facebook has made it the most prominent social networking site in the world. Naturally, this particular platform has become the centre of focus for social media marketing initiatives. With more than 500 million active users on board, this one clearly emerges as one of the most accomplished platforms for ensuring maximum exposure for your products, services or ideas.

Facebook marketing tips can come in handy while chalking out a plan for a social media initiative on this platform. For instance, there are several means that you can use to launch your Facebook marketing drive. You could have a separate account and even create a page dedicated to your business idea, so that you can tap the target segment suitably. However, apart from targeting external customers, some internal promotion strategies can also help create a big difference. However, you should know how to execute them well, such that you make the most of the accomplished network of friends you might have established over time.

Facebook Marketing: Executing Strategies for Internal Promotions

Internal promotions can prove to be crucial to the success of your Facebook marketing strategy. Some of the effective means of successful execution of such strategies include:

* Widen your Network: Try and add people who are likely to be your potential customers or people who are associated with your business venture even in the remotest way to your list of friends and associations. The latest Skype integration feature of Facebook allows you import your Skype contacts as well. Once the number is sizeable, you can use the “share” or “suggest to friends” button and share your page with them.

* Use the Search Tool: Use the Facebook search tool wisely to execute Facebook marketing strategies pertaining to internal promotions. Use it to track down events, initiatives, pages and messages that are relevant to your business. If there is mention of your brand anywhere, providing some additional information is a great idea. This will draw in prospective customers and clients.

* Use the Forums Well: Once you are aware of the events, forums and initiatives, Facebook marketing strategies could focus on promoting your products or ideas directly through them. You can also access the contacts of relevant co-members and add them to your friends list to widen the scope of your personal network.

Promoting and Marketing a Book by Writing Online Book Reviews

Gone are the days when authors had to depend on the print media for promoting and marketing their books. With the passage of time, marketing strategies have changed. Just as a webmaster depends on a firm that renders website content writing services to provide enticing content for his website, similarly the popularity of a book depends on its good online reviews that millions read every day. Online book review writing is becoming immensely popular these days. The online text reviews are available in many online bookstores like the Amazon bookstore community. Amazon is one of the significant sites that promote book review writing and authors are even ready to invest their resources to get their book reviews live on Amazon. However, many writers have a wrong notion about online book reviews. They believe that getting an online text review is a complicated process. But actually it’s quite simple.

Here are some tips for the upcoming authors who really want to make their online reviews important part of marketing and promoting their books.

Firstly, the authors need to know that there are firms rendering online content writing services who can help the author to generate interesting reviews. These firms employ talented copywriters who can write and post these reviews in relevant websites so that millions of online readers can read those reviews. As an author all you need to do is to find out about these online copywriting firms whose copywriters can help in review writing and in making that evaluation viral.

However, as an author you should also know that a few great and enticing reviews will not mark you as a great writer or make your book popular among millions. One of the vital aspects of online book marketing is that your book needs to get good rating at the different websites.

If you ask the content writers of an online copywriting firm to evaluate your book, make sure to mention certain points. You should specifically tell them not to write a review of one chapter or a particular portion in the book; instead ask them to evaluate the entire book, focusing on the minute details.

Once a firm rendering website content writing services, agrees to evaluate your book, you should also depend on them for the marketing of your book. Remember, the experts of a firm know how to structure a book review that entices the online readers.

Moreover, only the experts are aware of the book reviewing sites that generate maximum traffic and where your book review will be read and appreciated by millions of readers. Whether your book will become popular among the readers or will it soon lose its charm depends on its review. An enticing, compelling and interesting online review is ideal for promoting and marketing a book.

Branding Vs Advertising Vs Promotions Vs Marketing Vs Public Relations

Many people are confused as to the differences between branding, advertising, promotions, and public relations. For that matter, the actual process of “marketing’ is misunderstood just the same. To give you a basic understanding, marketing is not a one time event or activity, it is a process, a combination of things which blend together. By definition, marketing is the act of mixing product, price, place, and promotion. But first, on to…

A great example of branding is Apple. iMac, iPod, iTouch, iPhone, iTunes. Get the point? Apple has created a massive brand strategy using the “i” element. Think of the Ritz-Carlton, LifeTime Family Fitness, Hilton Hotels, and what do you see? First class service, luxurious amenities, excellent service? Now, how about Best Western, 24-Hour Fitness, Motel 6? What kind of “Brand” is each of those? Can you see the contrast? What is your company brand? Are you sure? If you think you’re a high-end facility, do you show it? Would you see the front desk clerk at the Ritz-Carlton wearing a button promoting the frequent guest club? Would you see a front desk clerk at a Motel 6 wearing a $1000 suit? Does everything you do, say, print, write, and provide consistent with your brand message? If not, you may want to consider who your true target audience is, and work at ensuring you continue to provide services that directly relate to them.

Advertising is the actual process of displaying your message. Advertising on the radio… Advertising on tv… The one act of making something happen. Tie your Advertising and your Branding together, you have the Marketing Process. If you are just “advertising” without any direction, any goal, any unity, then you’re just a lost puppy wandering aimlessly hoping someone will give you a good home.

A promotion is typically a one-time event for a specific purpose or goal. Whereas marketing is ongoing, a promotion can be a one-day, one week, one-month, or even one-hour event. In retail, a “SALE” is typically a promotion. Car dealerships offering Zero percent interest is a limited time promotion. They typically have a specific start and end date, and have a very clear understanding of the R.O.I. (Return on Investment) any particular promotion should achieve to make it a success.

Public Relations
P.R., or Public Relations, typically revolves around un-paid news sources and focuses on your business as it relates to the community. If you see a positive, or hopefully positive, story on the news or an article in the newspaper, this is the type of press a Public Relations firm may help you get. They have strong relationships with the news media and often feed them stories about their clients, in hopes of some free press. You, too, can harness the power of free press and public relations, although it can be difficult at times to get noticed, which is the PR firm’s strongpoint.

Marketing is the process that drives all the above elements. It directs the feel, image, and tone of the advertising, promotions and public relations. To each of these elements, there are experts in each of these fields. You can hire a company just to handle your branding, and another to handle your advertising, marketing, and yet another for your public relations. Of course, as a small business owner, you may not always have the budget for such companies. You can learn how to achieve the same results at http://TheMarketingWire.com and get the latest in marketing news, education and resources to help build and grow your business.