Free Website Promotion Article Marketing

Many web sites these days have been discretely planting articles all over the internet that are not genuine articles, but rather marketing devices for a promotion they are running. While some may consider this to be a disingenuous marketing strategy, it can be a great way to drive traffic to your web site for a promotion you are running.

If you do a Google search for something like “free article aggregator” or “free article listings” you can find a web site that collects articles that have open licenses. These sites basically exist for web developers who need content but cannot yet afford to pay for articles from a payment based content site. If you are running a promotion of some sort, you may wish to whip up a few articles that you can submit to these listing sites. If your articles read well and provide valuable information, people may begin to copy your articles and put them on their site as content, all the while unwittingly driving traffic to your own site. Marketing strategies similar to this are commonly referred to as “viral marketing.” This specific strategy is not in common use, but it is effective enough to consider employing.

There are a few more specific tips to taking advantage of free website promotion article marketing. If you are going to write an article that ultimately points to your own web site, try not to make the article focused entirely on what your site sells or the service your site provides. Begin the article by providing general information, and then specify that your company or web site is one such provider of the product you are promoting. Additionally, this strategy works very well when you include your product as part of a list or as a single step in a how-to guide.

Search Engine Optimization Makes a World of Difference to Your Business Promotion and Marketing

SEO, is a key business marketing strategy that is fast catching on in present times. Consumer’s shopping trends have shifted to the Internet, which is now the main resource of information. In fact studies have shown that 70% of all e-commerce transactions originate from a search and with millions of searches conducted each month, it is wise for businesses to promote themselves, their products and services efficiently online.

Various businesses use optimization to promote their websites more effectively on the Internet. SEO is a cost effective strategy for promoting and developing your business and provides a sound return on your investment.

So how does SEO actually help your business? Search Engine optimization is a part of Internet marketing services and is used to improve the volume or quality of traffic to a website or a web page (such as a blog) from search engines “naturally” or through unpaid methods. The primary marketing objectives:

  • Better rankings for websites on search engines.
  • Generating leads.
  • Building better awareness of the brand/product/service.
  • Offering better edge over competition.

Let’s take a closer look at how optimization helps businesses and why business websites need to be SEO successful.

SEO helps put your business on the map

Studies have shown that 60% of Web users visit search sites every month, more than for any other type of site. The Internet is a limitless marketplace and search engines are usually the point from where the search for a product or service begins. So being ranked high on any of these search engines can bring about a world of difference to your business. Search Engine optimization helps to your website to rank high in the search engine lists.

SEO helps improve brand visibility

SEO makes finding your business much faster and easier. You get an edge over the competition when your website shows up on the first of search results for a particular product or service. This gives your brand much higher visibility.

SEO is cost effective

Paid advertisements are getting more and more expensive. What Search Engine optimization does for you is to improve your website in such a way that it naturally gains more visibility and traffic. SEO gives your business better leverage for free. Studies show that people generally prefer to choose natural search results to paid-search listings.

Search Engine optimization makes your website a stronger communication and marketing tool

The right SEO strategies can make your website more informative and user friendly which results in a better user experience. Customer satisfaction translates to repeat business and this way everyone is happy.

Optimization is very useful in helping your business venture develop. There are thousands of tools and methods that are used by SE optimizers and specialists that can help build website traffic and improve SEO rankings. SEO offers visible results for affordable prices so that businesses can go for a powerful SEO campaign.

Website Promotion – Strategies to Bring in Viewers

After you make your own website, you can’t simply upload it and expect the viewers to flock to your door. Unless you make the effort to promote your site, you may not see any traffic at all. Using the wrong techniques, however, can brand you as pushy, cause you to lose money, or waste your time. Using the wrong website promotion strategies can even cause you to lose your ability to turn up in Web searches. Here are a few techniques you can use to bring in visitors after you make your own website.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the best things you can do to help others find your new website is to make the site easy for the search engines to read. That means designing the site on a clear structure, making it obvious what each page is about, and using unique content. It also means setting up the site with an XML sitemap and using other behind-the-scenes techniques that help the search engine robots clearly understand how your page is put together.

There are many supposed SEO strategies that aren’t appropriate, however. For instance, heavy use of keywords to get the search engines to notice your page is both outdated and dangerous. It makes pages hard to read and can even cause search engines to disregard your new site. Likewise, extensive use of meta tags, repurposing other sites’ content, and “black hat” techniques like using invisible text or serving different pages depending on the visitor, can get your site de-indexed.

Link Building

While SEO is a good basic technique for promotion, it’s not wise to rely too heavily on it. If you use only search traffic to get new visitors, you might lose out if your favorite search engines change their algorithms. The best search marketing companies actually rely primarily on links from other relevant sites to get their traffic, a strategy you can also use. Talk to friends who have relevant sites about exchanging links. Be willing to promote yourself on forums and social media sites where other site owners may see your posts.

Don’t link-build by paying for links, however. This practice often leads to low-quality links. It can also cause your site to be de-listed by search engines if you’re discovered. You should also avoid overtly promotional linking practices, like making posts on forums of which you are not a member or posting just to promote. Remember that viewers want context and value out of every link they click. Promotion with the viewer in mind can help you spread the word about your website without running into problems.

These aren’t the only strategies available after you make your own website, but they’re some of the most common and important. By focusing on good site structure and natural promotion techniques, you can get more visitors and build your audience surprisingly easily.