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How to Get Promoted – Strategies For Getting to the Next Level Now!

In today’s business climate, it is important to be viewed as a significant contributor to the success of any project, program, or organization. An extremely important skill to demonstrate in Leadership. I would define the act of taking leadership this way- when there is a void or absence of progress or of results in a specific area of endeavor, who is proposing and contributing the most in advancing progress towards the goal. Whether it’s in education, business or in government, the person who raises their hand, stands up and has a proposal that makes sense to the bulk of the people is demonstrating leadership through action. You do not need to have authority, given to you by anyone for you to exhibit leadership. You are not granted leadership you assume and demonstrate leadership.  Leadership is something that is done very professionally.  

To illustrate this point, you will all recall the TV ad ”When E. F. Hutton talks, people listen” This TV ad placed E.F. Hutton  squarely in a position of influence and leadership, because it created followers by virtue of the company’s performance track record and credibility in the financial markets..Followers will not want to follow people or organizations that they do not like, know and trust.    

A key aspect of professional growth and development is Mentoring. I believe that is essential to accelerated growth and progress, is absolutely essential. There is a great little book which is excellent on this subject.  The book costs under $10 and is titled, Mentoring 101,  by John Maxwell. I have no association or affiliation with author, but this a great book/primer on mentoring.                  

Mentoring is important for several reasons. First, you have to select the right mentor and you must develop the right mindset. You should have a student’s or beginners mindset, not an expert’s mindset. Be open to receive feedback, coaching and development.Once you find someone that you want attached to you as a mentor, due in large part to  their life experience’s, training and special skills, and a proven track record, then invite them to assist you. These may be people in your company, outside the company, in your friends and family network. Share your “story”, dreams and desires with them,  and solicit their help in mentoring you.    

How do you search for a Mentor? This morning I did a Google Search for mentors, coaches, trainers etc. It took Google about 31 seconds to find 58 million coaches and business mentors. Wow. Now 58 million, is a lot of people. How do you select the right one person? You’ve to have a  list of criteria, and begins with an in person or telephone interview. What are your looking for: qualifications. 

1. What have you done? 
2. When did you do it? 
3. What industry or business did they do it in? 
4. How many people have they coached in the past? 
5. have them provide a list of references and testimonials.
6. What’s their track record of performance in the area of expertise that you are seeking? 

I will cover more ideas for improving your results in your quest for promotability within the next two weeks.

Article Marketing – Exploring Promotional Strategies And Benefits

In the world of the Internet today, everybody has taken a place in it. There are scores of websites, and the world has made the Internet home. These websites have content, and all the time, they are marketing themselves to get better response, and to increase the traffic to their websites.The greatest way to promote articles would be to make it very effective. It is also very important to understand all the techniques of the Internet, and how strategies are changing by the day, before trying to promote articles.

Concepts for marketing will constantly keep changing, and only when we are aware of this; we can make the marketing very effective, and reach more people. Networking is a very important strategy when it comes to article marketing. If you need to market the articles on a big scale, it is always good to network with a lot of Internet marketers. This way, you can not only share ideas, you will be able to grasp better concepts and use them in an effective way to promote your article and website.

The information on the Internet is vast, and we must not let that intimidate us. Instead, we must gather information and use all the creative techniques, and use it as a promotional strategy for the marketing of the article. Another good way to promote articles, will be to sponsor a website. This way, you will be inviting people to be a part of your network, and in doing so, allowing more people to read your article.

When the sponsor websites allows others to put up their links in the website, traffic will naturally flow as people will want to read these sites. In doing so, the opportunity has been created to make people arrive at you website and read your article. You must also not be stuck to one promotional strategy when it comes to article marketing. You must allow yourself to explore all possibilities, different ways to promote the article, for the article to become popular. A lot of effort must be taken too.You will need to spend time on research, because by sticking to one method or by not taking effort, the article can never be promoted. The sponsor website must also allow other websites to use space for advertisements and their banners.

This way if someone wants to go to their website, they will have to come to the sponsor website. This will allow them to read your article. Simplicity is also very important when it comes to article marketing. More than anything, you need to reach out to people, and also make them understand what the article is all about.If the article is complex, it will never be understood by people, and the growth of the popularity of the article will be stunted. Relationships with people go a long way in promoting your article. Clients, friends and others will spread the word, and traffic will increase.

Custom Printed Balloon – Your New Promotion Strategy

Companies nowadays spend fortunes on their marketing campaigns. However, their promotion methods are often times hit or miss. It is now more important than ever to stand out from your competitors if you want to have good business however you don’t have to waste all your money in order to do so. There are some very cheap and very effective marketing strategies out there that you won’t believe just how many people want to see what it is all about. One of the very best methods to do this is the custom printed balloon strategy.

So what is this strategy all about and how does it work? Well, we all love balloons, right? We remember them from when we were little and we are always associating them with a special event such as a birthday party or a wedding. By giving someone a custom printed balloon with your company’s logo or some meaningful message written on it you are actually having a much greater impact on that person than most other forms of publicity. That person would be happy to tell his or her friends about your business because in their mind they have already associated your business with the joy of having a balloon.

This strategy does not only work well with marketing campaigns but they are also used in political campaigns or by organizations such as the church or schools. However, before you actually go ahead and apply this strategy in your business, there are a couple of things you will want to make sure of first. Therefore, if you want to have a positive effect on your audience then you should rather focus on the quality of the custom printed balloon rather than how many you can buy. You are trying to look professional, not trying to make your business look cheap.

You should try to match the color of the balloons with the color most representative of your business. With the technology we have nowadays you can have just about any color you want for your printed balloons. Also, when it comes to balloons, size does matter so make sure your balloons are big enough to attract attention. Although having bigger balloons will cost you a bit more, the extra money you are paying will definitely be worth it. A good size would be an 11 or 12 inch balloon.

You definitely cannot go wrong with balloons so if you are thinking of using this marketing strategy in your business then you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.