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5 Online Marketing Strategies That Make People Take Action

Marketing on the internet involves changing up your online marketing strategies to better fit your target audience and products. The marketing effectiveness of one strategy does not always prove to be the same as you shift your target audience. The same is true with the change in any products you may choose to promote since the marketing message also tends to change. Picking and choosing the right strategy to fit your needs is as important to your business as is traffic generation. All the traffic in the world will do you no good if you can not get people to take the necessary action you want them to take.

Here are 5 of the most common promotional strategies used on the internet today that are effective at motivating people to take action.

Product Reviews

A commonly used strategy online is doing an ‘objective’ product review of any product you may choose to promote. This approach gives visitors a little insight into the use and effectiveness of the product itself. The review is based upon someone’s personal experience with the product itself. The marketing effectiveness of this strategy is high because people want to hear the opinions and experiences of others when making a purchasing decision.

Immediately Downloadable Products

One of the chief benefits of marketing on the internet is that a large majority of the products offered are digital and therefore can be downloaded immediately by the purchaser. This is something that appeals to the ‘instant gratification’ needs that have become more prevalent with consumers today. Reminding people that they can receive their purchase instantly helps dramatically increase your marketing effectiveness online.

Creating Scarcity

Offering a product with a subtle reminder/warning that there are not many available tends to ‘rush’ people into making a buying decision. By creating the illusion of scarcity in your marketing message you are appealing to the fear of others that they may ‘miss out’ on enjoying the benefits of your product. Online this approach is employed often due to the fact that once a visitor leaves your site they may never return.

Offering Bonus

Promotional strategies that offer bonuses or ‘bribes’ are yet another way of motivating people to make a purchasing decision by offering them more ‘value’ for their investment. It is the personal opinion of this author that this strategy has become way overused and has diminished the importance of learning how to promote something.

Speak Directly to Visitor

Speaking directly to your reader is one of the best ways to draw them further into the marketing message you are delivering. In essence you are saying ‘hey you’ to capture their attention which is necessary since without their focus they will never ‘receive’ your message. This is often done by using anecdotes or sharing ‘personal’ experiences that may hit a common ‘chord’ with readers.

Marketing on the internet involves the use of various online marketing strategies that motivate people in different ways to take action. The promotional strategies you use may be based upon your target audience, your marketing message or other relevant criteria. The 5 strategies we reviewed above are amongst the most commonly used online for their apparent marketing effectiveness. The strategy you select is a personal choice and should be one that best fits your particular skill sets and application. Although traffic generation is important without any promotional skills what good is it if you can not get people to take action?

The Number 1 Site Promotion Strategy

There are countless ways to promote your website. From search engine optimization to pay per click advertising to press release marketing to blogging and posting in discussion groups, marketers can promote their websites using a number of different strategies.  While each marketing method has its pros and cons, one site promotion technique stands head and shoulders above the rest: article marketing.

The benefits of article marketing are unparalleled. Consider these advantages:

-    The direct traffic from article marketing is highly targeted and qualified. When an Internet user reads your article, they have already expressed an interest in your product or service. If they click the link to learn more, they were clearly impressed by what you had to say and interested in learning more. Unlike the short snippets displayed by the search engines, an article gives a reader enough time to make a determination if you have the information they are looking for. When a reader takes the time to click a link, they have qualified themselves as likely to buy.

-    The inbound links created by article marketing are higher quality than those generated through other link building strategies. Many article submission sites allow authors to embed anchor text links into their articles. These links carry more weight with the search engines for specific keywords because the keywords compose the link. The link is also placed within keyword-rich text, which signifies that the linked website is highly relevant to the content of the article.  If the article is picked up for syndication, even more inbound links are created!

Affiliate Marketing Strategy – Market Other People’s Products to Earn Income and Create New Products

Affiliate marketing is the most logical choice as a business model to follow when you are just getting started online. The idea of promoting someone else’s product before you have any products of your own is an appealing one. There are many ways that you can profit from following this model, and they include being able to see how others conduct their online businesses, being able to fill in the gaps of existing products with your own products in the future, and developing a strategy that will serve you well over the next several years on the Internet.

Seeing how other online marketers conduct their business is actually priceless. When I was just starting out, the process of creating and marketing a product seemed overwhelming. By purchasing from others who were more experienced, and then becoming an affiliate for them and watching the entire process from a different perspective was valuable to me in a variety of ways.

I was able to see it all unfold in a step by step way that finally made sense. I could also see what worked well and what I would do differently. At the same time, I was also earning money by promoting these other people’s products as an affiliate. This was a system I thought of as earning while you are learning, and it is a fantastic way to build your business.

During this time I also became very creative in terms of which products I wanted to create. Many of the products and courses I was promoting seemed like they were complete, but when I purchased and consumed them I could see that much was left out. As I promoted them as an affiliate others began to point out even more, and soon I had my own ideas for products I could create that filled in these gaps of training. Over time I could see that I could choose most any topic and develop a product that would improve upon what was already available in the marketplace.

Within a year I had a strategy that made sense for my online business. I took a close look at what was already available, took some time to evaluate what could be improved upon or added, and then created my own products to solve the problems and answer the questions the current prospects and customers had. This was a winning formula for success that can be duplicated by anyone.