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How to Promote and Market Your Products Through Trade Shows

Wikipedia defines “Survival of the fittest” as a phrase originating in evolutionary theory, an alternative description of natural selection”. Today, this phrase is used in different contexts. In business, which is dog-eat-dog world, where competition is ready to play dirty tricks to steal your customers, survival depends on several factors like brand promotion, product visibility, product USP, durability, price, among others. Businesses need to devise and implement a well thought out and planned strategy in order to beat cut-throat competition, do brand building and increase their market share.

Participating at trade shows is usually an integral part of promotion campaign of both big and small players from any industry. Businesses do invest considerable amount every year in trade shows for doing brand promotion, marketing and advertising products, promoting new and existing products and build customers. Though there are different mediums to market products/services, trade shows is one of the most effective ways to reach your targeted audience and directly communicate with them. Trade shows also helps you in showcasing your products and services in front of a global audience and explore new markets.

However, to generate maximum response from a trade show, a proper planning should be in place. Before participating, businesses should have a clear cut objective as to why they are participating at the show and what they wish to gain from it. Proper research should also be done to get an insight about the audience visiting the fair, are the visitors your targeted audience, how many exhibitors or your competitors are participating at the show, how much response has the fair generated in the past, how many footfalls the fair got in the past and how many are expected in the participating year?

Location at the trade show is an important aspect which any company should not ignore. How much response your business wiil get or how many visitors will visit your stall directly depends on where your exhibition stall is located at the fair. Try to get a stall/booth at a place which is frequented by the visitors/ targeted audience. Though you may have to shell out extra money for getting stall /booth at a good location but that money spent will do justice to your purpose of participating and you will achieve good results. There is no need to get a big stall if you are short on funds, even a small one will do. You can also get stall against a barter agreement with trade show organizers.

Also, the stall should be set up only in your industry/country pavilion. Say you are a carpets manufacturer / supplier from India, make sure that you get space in the pavilion where other carpet exhibitors from India are displaying their products rather than in some other industry pavilion say machinery. Although this seldom happens, but companies should be careful about this also. Organizers may offer you a space in non related industry pavilion at a lesser price. Who knows? and you may fall prey to lesser price!

The look of your exhibition stall/booth should be simple yet attractive and engaging. Businesses can also offer free promotional materials like promotional pen, key chains, t-shirts, bags and can also plan contests to publicize their participation effectively. Freebies and distribution of promotional brochures will bring more visitors to your booth. If you are service provider, you can keep a presentation ready for your visitors to educate them about the services you are offering.

Language always play an important role at the trade shows. If you are participating in a country where English is not the primary spoken language, than it is a good idea to hire the services of language interpreter to converse with the visitors in their local language. Brochures and advertising materials can also be printed in local language to get good response from the visitors. A language interpreter always help. Those representing the company at the trade show must be friendly, active, confident and should be well aware about the company and products so that they can engage in a healthy conversations with the prospective customers.

Non-Profit Communication and Promotion Strategy – Using a Communications Coordinator

For over eleven decades, The Old Brewery Mission helped homeless men and women in Montreal, Canada, without an official Communications Coordinator. But with a shifting, ever younger homeless population and new programs to help them leave homelessness behind, the Mission realized it needed a strong communicator. The goal: to break down old stereotypes about its clientele and get the public enthused about their new programs.

Q: How did the Old Brewery Mission get its message out before you came on board?

Christian: Our Foundation had a Director of Development and she did communications on the side, and one of our Board members is a Vice-President at a Communications company. They felt the need for someone getting their message out full time and last year the Foundation created this position. I am the first person to hold it and I’m lucky to have their great support.

Q : What was one of the first things you tackled as Communications Coordinator?

Christian: We wanted to change the image people have of us. When people think of “The Old Brewery Mission” they think of the men’s shelter on Clarke Street, the soup kitchen and dorm. They think of an old guy with a beard, usually an alcoholic. Yes, we do have those clients but our reality and what we are trying to do have changed a lot the last few years.
The average age of those using our services now is 37. Now we are more proactive: we have day programming geared to a younger clientele. We have referral programs so they can leave the street. We’ll always have the emergency services we’ve provided for 117 years but we also now have programs for people actively engaged in leaving homelessness behind.

Q : So how do you redefine the image the public has of you?

Christian: This is a big boat to turn, with 180 employees and 400 clients using the services nightly. The goal is changing the image of who we are on different lines and levels: for the public and those who work in the Social Services.

Q : What elements go into changing people’s perception of the Mission?

Christian: I was looking at the website we had and our promotional material and I could see they didn’t reflect the real identity of the people we were serving. Furthermore they played on old stereotypes. The material we had wasn’t making our clientele very human. I realized we had to change that.
Our director, James Hughes, started a very articulate Directors’ Blog that touches on many issues related to homelessness. It’s reaching out to a wide audience, including our former clients and has even been used as a pedagogical resource by classes at Dawson College.
We have an electronic quarterly newsletter that is going really well. We hired a university student to compile the data base for its readership and the student came up with over 640 different people and organizations with links to homelessness in Quebec, the rest of Canada and Quebec.
We’ve had wonderful photos taken by a semi-pro photographer who wanted to do more photojournalism. He came here many times to take pictures and he inspired me to pick up an old 35 mm camera and take more shots. You can see those all over our website, our annual report and on our new pamphlets.

Q : Do you do all the writing and design of your publications and website?

Christian: I did the basic web design but I knew I couldn’t redevelop our pamphlets, our promotional materials and the annual report to properly reflect our new human image. A volunteer referred a great graphic designer to us who picked up on what we needed and did an excellent job.
We also hire out when we do a big media push. We use Torchia Communications- I have many media contacts but Torchia can really effectively chase the media for days. We also have a Direct Marketing Consultant help with our letter campaign because none of us are professional fundraisers.

Q : And what do you see for as Mission’s communication strategy for the future?

Christian: I want to make our website more of an active community tool, rather than the somewhat passive style it is now. I’d also love for us to do a video, maybe 3-5 minutes long that would further personalize what we do. There are thousands of roads that lead to homelessness and we need to find the ways to get that message out there.

Take a Note on Business Online Internet Promotion – Affiliate Marketing

God knows how much I’m in favor of affiliate marketing. Think for yourself…where else you can make money by selling the products of other people? Doesn’t it sound great? And guess what? You don’t need to have a technical background for it. Why? Well, because you don’t need to have your own website, you’ll get one. Over and above, you don’t have to work day and night to create your own product…there’s a publisher to help you with this job as well. Your gifts don’t end here. You’ll be surprised to know that you don’t even have to worry about start up capital, just get hold of the right information and your work is done.

With the inner secrets of online affiliate marketing business, you are sure to earn good profits and that too without having to spare a penny on your part. However, whatever steps you take, make sure to be careful of scams. There is a huge difference between an outstanding online marketing program as well as a mediocre marketing program. For example, an outstanding program begins at the initial level and familiarizes you with the exact basis of affiliate marketing. Next, it takes you onto a progressive pace finally familiarizing you with advanced techniques. What is intended out here is that by choosing outstanding affiliate marketing, you get a chance to earn good profits.

It is being mentioned over and over again that you should not fall prey into wrong hands. To be more specific, there are many companies that make fake promises or may be at times offer you a product that works for none.

Another obvious thing that comes with business online affiliate marketing is that you need to find out whether affiliate marketing can be perfectly automated or not. In simple words, you need to find out whether you can carry out this form of marketing without compromising with your present job or not.

Well, the answer is a big yes, but then you need to have patience for it. I mean you cannot expect to get miraculous results within one night. You need to be dedicated to your work and the results are soon to follow. Making money was never so easy but with the onset of internet promotion business like online affiliate marketing, it has certainly turned out to be so. With the right piece of information at your hand you can earn some serious money!

As a beginner, you need to familiarize yourself with the effective techniques that help you to reap the maximum benefits of affiliate marketing. Or else you may also rack up a credit card bill! I know this sounds a bit strange but then it will help you gain confidence and proceed further…to the pinnacle of success.

In addition to information included above, you need to get hold of the right marketing strategies that will help you attain success in your endeavor. So, friends, there’s no point wasting your time for nothing, just go ahead and implement the suggestions included here. I’m sure they’ll work for you!