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Tips to Promoting Online Marketing Strategies to Offline Businesses

As an offline business owner I get a lot of sales calls and sales people stopping in my place of business. Everyone from stockbrokers, real estate brokers, carpet cleaners and sales people selling internet marketing strategies. In fact, I had two different IM’ers drop in last month alone.

I am a firm believer in talking with every salesperson that comes in my door (even if it is for five minutes). By following this mindset, I have not only made very good friends but also I have made great business contacts that I still have today.

Although my company runs almost all of our IM in-house I especially make it a point to talk with IM’ers walking in my place of business. Because I may end up hiring one in the future.

Anyway here is a quick overview of what I look for in the IM’s that walk in my door.

- They must be polite to everyone they met at my place of business. A salesperson should never think they can be rude the receptionist at the door and polite to the business owner. In many small businesses, the receptionist may be a family member or the spouse of the owner.

I had one guy come in demanding to see the owner of the business and said he didn’t want to talk to anyone but the owner. The reason he was so demanded was because he was an IM’er who could teach ue how to double our sales by following his Internet marketing advice. (Little did he realize I greeted him at the door.)

One thing IM’ers should keep in mind when they walk into the door of a small business is it is as if they walking into the home of the business owner. Many small business owners (SBO) live at their businesses 10-12 hours per day. Many don’t appreciate it when a person they have never met before walks into their business who is impolite or rude.

- If the owner of the business tells you they are busy and asks you to leave a business card and a brochure, please don’t continue to try to sell them. The SBO may be very busy. You may have caught him/her in the middle of an important meeting or just walking out the door. Leave a business card and make a note to follow up.

- Make the sales appointment early in the morning. I really like it when a sales person says she will meet me in my office at 7:00AM. It not only shows me she is an aggressive sales person but she also understands how hectic late morning or afternoon hours can be at a small business.

By meeting the SBO early in the morning you will have a better meeting. The phones aren’t ringing off the hook or their store isn’t packed with customers. This will allow the SBO to really listen to your presentation and fully understand what you are offering.

- If an SBO asks you the call them or meet with them at a specific time…don’t be late. Just like you, SBO’s have very business schedules. Nothing is worse than waiting for someone who is 15 minutes late for a call or meeting. If you are going to be late, give them a call and let them know.

- Don’t oversell your services. About six months an IM’er walked into my store and after five minutes of talking with him, I agreed to meet him later in the week to further discuss his IM services. Unfortunately, he oversold his services.

Within fives minutes of our meeting he pulled out his presentation binder and all that he was going to do for my company was to install McAfee Anti-virus on my computers ($350 charge) and charge us $500 per month (a six month contract) to tell us how to use Google AdWords (he wasn’t even going to manage our keywords account, because he said he didn’t know how to). He simply oversold his services.

I hope this helps in let me know. Check out NLPCASH to learn how to design websites for offline businesses.

Internet Marketing Promotion Strategy – Basic Elements

Is your ‘Internet marketing campaign’ strategy giving you the exact results that you need? This article discusses driving free targeted traffic through SEO (search engine optimization). The main points of SEO include finding the correct keyword, creating the right content and getting the right links. This information could help you to draw more free targeted traffic and get the best results for your online business.

The Right Keyword: When you create a website, it is very essential to brainstorm the set of keywords you would like to target. This is because you need to rank at the top in the search engine for your keywords and website to get sufficient search; low to medium competition brings targeted traffic (not just a few browsing keywords).

The Right Links: The search engine verifies the popularity of a site for a certain keyword by whose (quality) and how many links are pointing to the webpage or website. In the online market, the authority is valued by the Page Rank.

The Right Content: The very first step the search engine does when you put your content in your website is check your article or content to see if it is duplicate or original. Duplicated content is generally tough (not totally impossible) to rank in the search engine. Next, it verifies whether the content must rank for the keyword by determining the significance of the content, generally by checking the article or content for associated terms for the keyword. Once you have the knowledge on how to make your website rank, then it is not very difficult to drive free targeted traffic with the Internet marketing promotion strategy.

Online marketing using SEO mainly consists of searching the right keyword, writing correct, quality content and getting the right links.

Three of the Most Amazing Traffic Generating Internet Marketing Strategies – EVER! For Now?

Internet marketing is a really interesting business because nothing ever stays the same for a very long time. During my early days in this business, I built websites and sat around for months waiting for traffic to come in…knowing nothing about the whole business and trying to drive traffic to the sites that I’ve created. Months! Painful months, I kid you not. Website traffic can only be created through proper methods and through proper channels; and if you’re new to all this internet marketing business, you have my full permission to get confused now.

Paying for it – the most popular internet marketing strategy (not the most effective, let me qualify here)

Anyway, the first type of online promotion method or promotional effort of driving traffic to your website is the…well, obvious one. You pay for it. Back in those days, internet marketing was all about purchasing banner space(s) or text advertising links in other high traffic volume websites. You pay for traffic – and you’ll need to budget something if you use this online promotion strategy.

Yahoo had a rather good head start in the internet search engine arena but they didn’t really make headway until Google came into the picture. Google rolled this off with their Pay Per Click advertising online promotion advertising option called the AdWords program…then Yahoo followed suit with the Sponsored Search Program. Both strategies pretty much work the same way – you pay for the traffic that you get for the keywords that you want.

When you look at the whole online promotion scenario on a short-term basis, AdWords and Yahoo Sponsored Search Listing might be worth a shot but in the long run, trust me, you can run up a bill so high if you don’t know how to convert the traffic that you’ve PAID FOR into SALES! A very uncertain method for green horns.

With these PAID FOR online promotion methods, here’s something that you have to consider.

  • You pay for traffic that might NOT convert into sale
  • The more popular the keyword, the higher the price…lots of people has (conniving) ways of driving the cost per click up without you knowing. You could be celebrating your millionth click through this online promotion method and not know that you’re paying through your nose for touch-and-go clicks.
  • The system and the way they calculate the cost of Pay Per Click and Sponsored Listing internet marketing program is too complicated for people who are used to advertising in newspapers and magazines. (read: common folks who don’t search for tampons or baby milk powder delivery on the internet)

What do you do when you can’t afford AdWords and Sponsored Listing internet marketing method?

You exchange links with others…which is what I consider borrowing or trading or bartering with someone else for traffic. There are two benefits to this internet marketing method.

One, there’s mutual benefit – you win, the other person wins.

Two, Google (and thereafter, all the other search engines as well) seems to like in-coming links as well…which led to what we used to call ‘link farming’. Ban, says Google. Ban them all…mua ha ha ha ha.

They came up with a tactic to methodologically eliminate and render useless, the link farming. I told you, the internet marketing industry is a strange, strange…STRANGE industry.

The problem with this type of online promotion method is that the search engines want ‘targeted’ or ‘related’ traffic. In short, it only counts when you exchange links with websites who are within the same industry or complements your industry. Example….razor blade + armpit hair (I know, gross…but so what?), menopause + women mags, parenting + milk bottles…etc.

If you run a website on ‘how to milk a cow’ and you’re exchanging links with a ‘graphic design’ company, the search engines will ignore the link completely. So…the online promotion effort is thrown out of the window.

The problem is, trying to get links from your competitor or companies within the same industry can be a pain in the rear end because we may be fighting for the same target market. The question like ‘What if my customer goes to your website, likes yours better than mine?’ would sooner or later crop up.

Well, if you have an open-mind about this, that’s great; “Let’s exchange links. If they go to yours, fine. If they come to mine from yours and like mine better, your bad“. But there are some really aggressive internet marketing experts out there who can make it happen. You can also exchange links, not only in your website, but also in your newsletters or mailing list.

The hardest but most worthwhile online promotion method would be to CREATE your own traffic

Ask any internet marketing guru out there who is worth his or her salt and he or she will tell you that the best online marketing method is one that creates traffic, not borrowed or bought. I don’t even know where to begin when I talk about creating your own plan and putting it into play because there are literally hundreds of ways to generate online traffic to your website! (And people have the audacity to tell me that I sit around all day, doing nothing, write, publish, link and mail stuff to people…sheesh!)

The number one traffic-generating internet marketing method is through…guess…WORDS, of course. The internet is full of words. That is why I say a ‘flash based website’ is a load of bollocks!


That is why I write, I write and I write everyday for myself even if I have a ton of work to write for my clients but this is the online promotion strategy that I believe in. And you should too! This method works for everything including websites, blogs, online journals, etc. Creating and distributing free ebooks and videos work too, for your information.

But sigh…I’ll end up writing an eBook of my own right here right now if I get into that. So, I’ll leave you with the above and hope that you have some time to digest what was just said (written).