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Website Promotional Strategies

Do you know how to make a website but are lacking in Internet marketing skills? Well, if yes, then you should know that making a website is not enough. Your website needs to be marketed if you want eyeballs and revenue. Here is a list of website promotion ideas that will help:

1. Article marketing: Though Google’s Panda update has dealt a blow to article directories, you can still generate valuable backlinks and yet be found on search engines if you write meaningful articles that help visitors. You should distribute your articles to the top article marketing like,,, etc.

2. Generating backlinks is very important but you must generate relevant backlinks. You cannot own a real estate website and get your backlinks from a designer shoe store blog. Know that the latest Google Penguin update penalizes links generated from irrelevant sites, spammy blogs and free article directories. Do not ever get links from link farms. So, get your act together, consult a SEO professional and understand what type of links will work best for your site before generating these.

3. Social media is also very important. You must create pages on the main social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. In addition, you must also create business pages on niche and relevant business networking sites. For example, if you are in the real estate business, your website’s link must be present on a top real estate marketing network, and so on. Social bookmarking on sites like Reddit, Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, etc., also generates backlinks and raises awareness about your website.

4. Google loves content and therefore it is very important for your website to have a blog that is updated regularly – in fact, you must update your blog 3-4 times in a week if you want Google to come back for more. Include important keywords in the title of every post and you will get your presence felt on Google. Remember that your content must be informative and helpful and not spammy. If you are able to establish an authority by writing helpful content, your website traffic will grow exponentially.

5. You must also post on authoritative forums and newspaper blogs. Your posts must be informative and valuable. Do not post self-promotional material or simply leave a link because that will get you delisted.

These are the top website promotion strategies. Know that knowing how to make a website is not enough – you must market it well too, and we hope you have picked up a few pointers from the tips above.

How To Promote Your Products On The Internet

So, you developed a great product. Or you came across a great product someone else created and you want the world to know. What to do next?

Internet marketing is taking the world by storm. And that is definitely for good reasons. More and more people use the internet as a platform, or even their main platform for advertising. Many, if not all of the big companies include internet in their promotion strategy.

The internet offers great opportunity. You have global reach, meaning your clients and prospect can be anywhere as long as they are online from time to time. Next thing is to get their attention.

That is where internet marketing comes in. There is a great variety in marketing ways. I will discuss a few here in this article.

If someone visits Google and types in a search term, ads will appear above and on the right from the results, related to the search term. Someone types in “how to play guitar” and ads appear from people and companies offering guitar lessons. They created ads within Google AdWords. They gave a simple instruction:”Whenever someone types in how to play guitar, display my ad”. Google then says:”Okay, whenever someone actually clicks your ad, it will cost you $…”. This varies from cents to dollars, depending on the popularity of the keyword. This is Pay Per Click, or PPC for short. You invest a small amount, so someone purchases your product for a larger amount. The more creative you get with the keywords, the more profit you can make. Multiple e-books have been written on this subject, so I can’t go into detail on how it works in this article. But the info is not hard to find.

And I used Google in this example, but it goes for other search engines as well.

A popular and effective way of marketing is video marketing. Create a clip of you explaining the product and post it on YouTube, for example. Windows Movie Maker or something similar will get the job done. A demonstration of the thing you promote works great, as people can actually see what they get. They can see and hear your enthusiasm, which will get them excited as well. If you don’t want to be “starring” in the actual clip, put together a PowerPoint presentation with voice-over. Make sure it is clear to the viewer how they can purchase your product, or sign up for your list.

That list is for email marketing. Try to get people on your email list and send them useful information. They will value your help and be more willing to buy from you. A promotion strategy could be to offer visitors a free report related to the products you are promoting. Then you follow up with them closing the sale and you can market products forever. Auto responders help you to spread your messages, so you don’t have to type all the emails over and over to everyone in your list. Visit the sites of AWeber and GetResponse and they will explain how their services work.

Also blog and article marketing are great ways to advertise. And most of the time it’s free as well! Create a blog, find websites where you can post articles and share your knowledge with the world. Talk about products and tools that worked or didn’t work for you. Write reviews on the product you recently bought. Explain how things work, etc. But please write valuable stuff, something you yourself would appreciate. You are not writing a sales-letter, but an article.

A revolutionary way of marketing is mobile marketing. You get to promote on mobile websites! Currently, you have like 5 billion cell and smart phone users, who you can market to. Talk about new business ideas! There is a program called Mobile Monopoly. It was created by 18 year old Adam Horwitz. This is one of the bestselling marketing products right now.

There are many more, but the last I’ll talk about is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can be applied if you want to promote your own products or the products of someone else. The latter means that you are the affiliate and in exchange for a commission, or whatever you agree on, you sell their products through your channels. You just apply one or more of the marketing flavors mentioned above. If you have your own products, you can get affiliates to do the promotional work for you. Find out more about how this works on One of the great places where vendors and affiliates join forces.

This should give you an idea of your possibilities. But don’t stop here, explore the useful information out on the net and build your business. Thank you for reading. To your success!

Article Marketing For Your MLM Business Opportunities Promotional Strategy

Whether you are promoting one MLM business opportunity or many MLM business opportunities you have to find a way how to bring traffic to your website. I believe that the Internet has changed network marketing because it allows any individual to begin to market their product or service without having to worry about getting rejected every single day. This was something that took me out of the game early when I began promoting my business. Every single day I would get flyers ripped up in my face and told I would never make it.

Did this ever happen to you? Where there days where you just didn’t want to continue on anymore? I’m sure there were but until I found the Internet I thought nothing was possible.

Fast forward a couple years later and the internet gives me the opportunity to get leads every single day.

How does this happen?

Well first I made the decision and then I decided on the marketing strategy. The marketing strategy that I decided was called article marketing. As you can see if you look through my profile I have written over thousands of articles and the reason this is the case is because it brings highly targeted visitors to my website on a daily basis. That’s exactly what you want on the Internet, you do not want people going to your website who are not seriously considering your product or whatever you are offering.

When you write an article what you’re essentially doing is adding value to the Internet. Millions of people are searching for things they may have problems with and when you write an article you have the opportunity to solve their problems in exchange most of your article readers will visit your website.

The big secret with article marketing is consistency. You’re not going to see any good results if you write one or 10 articles. You will see more results with the more article submission that you produce. So more articles will equal to more visitors which would equal more leads and eventually more sign ups to whatever business you decide to promote.

The great thing is that this strategy is free but it does take a little bit of time to implement. If you have a couple of hours in the day to spare, write a couple articles or two and see what it will do for your business throughout time.