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Some Promotional Strategies For Your Coffee Shop Business

If you plan to run a coffee shop business, you should already be thinking of ways to market and promote your cafe even before you open it. Aggressive marketing will make customers come to your business in droves. Some cafes have cool looking shops, sell great tasting coffee, yet are unable to fill up their coffee houses even during peak hours. This is due to the lack of marketing promotions.

Do your homework before you implement a marketing plan. Study the demographics in your area and spy on your competitors. See what the trendiest coffee houses in the community are offering their customers. Now, think of a marketing promo that can beat their offer and make your coffee shop business more popular. You won’t get that many customers going to your shop if you just imitate others. Offer something better or different.

Even if you have to be original, there are still some basic promo gimmicks that most cafes should have like coffee mugs with your logo printed on it. Travel mugs are one of the most sought after items coffee junkies want. You can sell these at your shop or give them away on special occasions like your store opening or yearly anniversary.

You should also or have other standard promotional items such as shirts, key chains, tumblers, and note pads. If you want your promo items to be seen more, offer things that people will really use outside the home like golf shirts, caps and visors, laptop bags, and backpacks. For the high-end market, you can sell CDs with a collection of music you usually play at your shop.

Another method to market your coffee shop business is by increasing your visibility online. Set-up a website where you can post materials related to the coffee business. You can also post announcements on your website for special offers and contests. Post your company details on your site such as your coffee shop name, logo, location and telephone numbers. Add a page for suggestions, a forum and contact page.

Promote a special item on your menu on a weekly basis. The product can be a coffee beverage. pastry or dessert. Announce the promo on your site. Make your promo exciting and fun to encourage customers to come. You could have a contest like a coffee art contest wherein customers can create their own coffee art win prizes. Post the contest details and prizes on your website too. Prizes can be inexpensive like a free mug of coffee, coupons or free t-shirt with your logo.

Offering coffee charge cards is a good idea. It’s convenient for both staff and clients. Instead of searching for coins and bills in their wallets or bags, customers can simply use a pre-paid charge card to buy their coffee. It’s pretty convenient for customers who buy coffee daily. Another advantage is that you get to sell more coffee in advance.

Set one day of the week as an artist’s week. Painters can hang out at your coffee shop business to paint. This draws in curious customers to watch for at least half an hour or more. They order while they watch. Let the artists sell their paintings to customers and you can even get a commission on that. It’s a great way to help artists, entertain customers and make more profit. Do some research about what people in your community would be interested in and use those to promote your coffee shop business.

Your Promoting Strategies Are Wrong And Here’s Why

Sup people.

In this post I’ll point out a few things that you are doing wrong, and what you should do instead.

Let’s start with what you’re promoting:

You should always be aware of what you are promoting and which product you’re promoting that will give you the best conversion rates. Don’t be a scrub and promote the first thing you see on ClickBank just because “it’s the first thing on the market place – lol – it must be good”

No. This mindset isn’t just stupid, it’s dangerous for your business.

It doesn’t matter if someone once got a conversion rate of 10% for a product, that doesn’t mean you will. You should promote the product that gives YOUR website and YOUR traffic the highest conversion. Do some split testing for different products.

The way you do this is for example having Product 1 up on your website for a week, then you take the hops and divide them by the sales made, or just check the ClickBank Analytics. Then you choose the product that gives you the highest profit.

Remember that the products conversions vary a lot depending on which type of traffic that you use, if it’s targeted, buyer targeted, cold, hot, or just sending random people to your website. The results will vary a lot.

If you’re doing Email Marketing then you can split test by sending two emails to your list, email about product 1 to half of the list and email about product 2 to the second half. See which converts the best and use that one for all your future Auto Responders.

And the last thing you should fix about your product promoting is actually checking if the product work before promoting it, I see far to many scrub nubs promoting 1 click instant cash softwares. The people promoting these deserve to fail. You don’t just go up against about 90% of all the Internet Marketers out there, which also promotes this, but if you get lucky and actually make a sale then there’s up to 75% chance that the buyer will do a refund, good game there, you just wasted $50 on promoting and the only thing you got was a pissed off costumer, great business idea, really.

If you don’t have the money to spend on the products then check the internet for reviews, no, not those reviews with affiliates 5 times in the article telling you that if you buy this then you will start getting 100 dollar bills sent to your home once every 5 minutes.

I usually Check the WarriorForum before buying any product, and I recommend that site for product reviews because people aren’t affiliated with the product over there.