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Online Product Promotion Strategy For Small Businesses

Here we will discuss about some effective online Product Promotion Strategies for small businesses. Whenever a small business outfit launches a new product with a nice web page, the first thing to do is to get your page indexed in the major search engines. If you have a new website, the best method will be publish some articles at leading article directories.

Most article directories do not allow direct product promotion but you can do it in an informative way which is acceptable to them. There are hundreds of such article directories and you can promote your business in all of them. Write some informative articles about your new product and get them online on all the directories. This way you get thousands of link quickly. Imagine you write 10 articles and submit each one of them to 100 sites, you will get 1000 high quality links to your product page in no time. Very soon, you will see your product getting good rankings in the major search engines.

Now this product promotion strategy for your small business isn’t easy if you do it manually. There is a way to do this automatically. Write highly informative articles and use the article submitter software to submit to lots of sites. This saves you time and money.

Now you have thousands of web pages talking about your newly launched product so definitely your product ranking will shoot up. Many affluent bloggers will be talking about it. Video marketers will consider promoting your product. But all this is possible only after you get the initial word out about your newly launched business service, online product or website. You can use the keyword research tools to find the right keywords for getting targeted traffic.

Article marketing is a great way of promoting your business, online service or a newly setup website. Its great for small businesses as its cost effective and guarantees quick results in the form of high traffic, good rankings and sales. It creates a big buzz about your product all over the web world.

Podcasting – Online Marketing Business Promotional Strategy

Podcasting: A New Strategy To Include in Your Online Marketing Plan

Starting a new business on the internet can be overwhelming for most newcomers. This happens because there are so many free and paid ways to do the online marketing of your website, services and products that even an experienced internet marketer could be slightly confused.

During a new online marketing training program I bought I came up against a new way to market a website online. It is a free and can spread the word about your business in addition to traditional online marketing strategies you use so far like: article, video, press releases, blogging, social media marketing etc.

This new way allows you to create an additional option to your readers and potential customers to access your content and this option is called “podcasting”. A podcast is an accumulation of Audio-video files that’s distributed all over the internet and uses distribution feeds. If you use wordpress blogs for your online business you can install a plugin named “Odiogo” after following the instructions they give you on the actual Odiogo site after you type your blog’s feed and your email where it is asked.

Podcasting turns your readers into listeners as it adds voice to your blog posts and furthermore increases the amount of back links (deep links) you get to your site, from the several “add a podcast” locations where you can add your own newly created podcast feed. It is almost the same as when you add your normal blog feed to an RSS feed aggregator site.

Anytime you add a new post on your blog a podcast version of your entry will be automatically created as well as distributed via the podcast feed aggregator sites you have added it too. A “Listen Now” button will be placed at the start of each of your posts and a very decent computerized voice will be doing text-to-speech reading.

Creating a podcast for your WordPress blog is free through Odiogo site and it allows your readers to “listen to” your content instead of simply reading it. Many people are listening types rather than reading types.

With that said, I wish you a successful podcast creation to include in your online marketing business plan.

Promotional Strategies For Products

If you are looking for the best promotional strategies for promoting your intangible or tangible product, this article might give you information that could take your small business to the next level, and leave your competitors in the dust.

Promotional advertising has changed due to some very powerful software products that, for your benefit, many small business don’t know about.

These software products are called “Photoshop Actions”, and this article will also show where to get them, and how they can increase your bottom More. Not less.

First and foremost, it’s important that you know that the “Old” way of showcasing your product for the internet is dead. The new way I’m about to show you, is all about streamlining or “automating” one of the most time consuming promotional advertising efforts.

What any smart business owner knows, is that there are simply two ways of looking at money..

Your businesses’ money is either coming in, or it’s going out. I’m sure you’d also agree that any time you can spend less rather than more, you’re maximizing your promotional strategy, as well as your profit potential.

The old way of promotional advertising the online product you want to sell means spending lots of time searching for expensive graphic designers, and finding and paying a product photographer.

The new way is using computer software that automates this process, so you can save time and money. In other words.. spending less and not wasting time. Let your competitors do things the old way.

The software I’m talking about uses Photoshop Actions that automates and streamlines 90% of the process from your product idea, to getting a professional photograph of it online so you can sell it.

The faster you do this, the better. The less you spend, the better.

Here’s how you go about making this an important part of your promotional strategy:

  1. Point your web browser to and download a trial version of Photoshop.
  2. From here, it’s best to plan out your products so you can create as many product photos you can before the trial expires (30 Days). This will allow yourself to get familiar with the basic tools in Photoshop.
  3. Get “Photoshop Actions”. You can also do a search for a great set of Photoshop Actions called “Cover Action Pro”. They let you create stunning, photo realistic images from a flat, 2D image in less than an hour. You bypass the need for designers and photographers.

Here’s how you’d go about using this new promotional advertising strategy for your business:

Lets say you have an idea for a software product that you want to sell from your website. You use a payment processor like PayPal to capture funds (money coming in from product sales).

You want to market test this product to see how well it will sell. So, you use a product like Cover Action Pro to design an “ecover” of your product so people can see what they are buying.

You attach a price to it, connect it to the payment processor and use the images you created in advertisements, and anywhere you can. The idea is to get the most professional looking image you can in front of as many people as possible.

With Photoshop Actions, you are maximizing your earning potential, and you’re cutting the time it takes to prepare a product for promotional advertising from 2-4 weeks- down to about an hour. That’s right.

The old way of promotional advertising is dead. The best promotional strategy is one that uses Photoshop Actions. It will save you time, money, and lots of headaches dealing with designers and photographers. And I don’t even have to mention how much it will increase your opportunity to make more money.. not less.