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Multi Level Marketing Company Promotion Strategies For the Newbie Network Marketing Person

Are you a newbie in the network marketing industry? If so whatever multilevel marketing company you’re going to get involved with, you may find hard it hard to recruit new people into your business. Network marketing is very popular business and more distributors need to understand how to build a business right way and not waste time and energy on people who never really matter.

One of the best ways to promote your businesses is on the World Wide Web. Now I see a lot of traditional network marketing training suggest hotel meetings and things like that and I guess those may work because they have been working for tons of years now. But after trying them myself I would much rather take my business online and do things that way.

The whole point with online marketing is relevant traffic going to your website. You need relevant visitors who are looking for an opportunity or other network marketers. One way to bring relevant traffic to your website on a daily basis would be with article marketing.

This is writing articles and distributing them to various article directory sites and the reason you want to do this is because the Internet is a ball of content. When you write a relevant article specific to your niche what you’re doing is putting content out there and when a visitors searches for something around what you wrote, they will read your article and eventually visit your website which will be in the bottom of the article.

This is a powerful way to market and I have written over 1000 articles in a short period of time because it is a great way to bring traffic to any MLM website you may be promoting and bring more recruits into your business.

Free Website Promotion Strategies – 2 Low-Cost Internet Marketing Strategies For Instant Profits

If you look hard enough there are boundless possibilities in ways you can promote your business online. Best of all you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a good amount of traffic online. There are lots of methods currently you can use to expose and make your presence well-known without sucking the money from your bank account. Use these low cost internet marketing strategies to intensify your online presence. Below are two very straightforward strategies to increase your businesses’ visibility online further than your marketing budget will allow.

1. Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Affiliates are businesses which concentrate solely on marketing and product promotion in support of websites. They market your product and create web traffic for your website without you lifting a finger. They operate in support of a commission and only profit as soon as they make a sale. The brilliant part in relation to affiliates is that most of them currently own a ready-to-go email list which contains the details of loyal subscribers; so by paying them, you are furthermore paying for their goodwill and connection.

2. Newsletter marketing plan

It is brilliant to make one sale, but making a repeat sale is another level. You need to make sure your customers know how to contact you, get their contact details this will mean you can keep your customers up to date with what you are doing. Keep them up to date frequently, however keep it short. Do not mail them any sales pitch type email, it becomes irritating. Simply let them know your website exists. Make sure you don’t spam them; this could get your account frozen very quickly.

Using these free internet marketing strategies, you can achieve the desired results over time. And if it doesn’t work – remember- it’s free.

Market Your Store With a Puzzling Promotion – Retail Marketing Tip #11

Remember, it’s not your customers’ responsibility to remember you… it’s your responsibility to make your store memorable. And this is the kind of fun promotion that people remember.

Buy two (2) of the same jigsaw puzzle with a Valentine’s Day theme, or a Fourth of July theme, or whatever theme works for your business or the time of year.

If you have 1000 customers on your mailing list, buy puzzles with 1000 pieces. (You do have a customer database, don’t you…?) If you have more customers on your list, buy bigger puzzles. I saw one with 18,000 pieces the other day!

If the idea of putting together a puzzle this big boggles your mind, use a smaller puzzle, but buy enough puzzles so you have a piece for each of your customers.

Put one of the puzzles together minus one piece, glue it to a foam core board, and display it in your store.

Send a piece from the second puzzle to each of your customers, or a select group of your customers. Include an invitation to come into your store and see if they have the missing piece.

If the piece they got in the mail is the missing piece from the puzzle displayed in your store, they’re the winner!

What they win is up to you, but make it a really good prize or no one will bother to come check out their puzzle piece.

How about a $100 shopping spree at your store? Cost to you is just $50 – very cheap if you get lots of customers back shopping in your store! If you’ve got tons of frequent flyer miles from going to trade shows, offer a free plane ticket anywhere in the continental US. Now that’s a good prize which costs you no cash at all.

And remember, there is a chance that the customer with the missing puzzle piece will never make it into your store to claim their fabulous prize…

It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s different!

Here’s an advanced angle you can try for this promotion:

Team up with several other merchants in your downtown, street or shopping area and each of you feature a different puzzle. Merge your customer lists and send your customers a piece from each puzzle. Your customers get more chances to win, you and your colleagues split the costs of the mailing, you will get a chance to get new customers, and you have an easy to execute promotion for your entire shopping district.

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