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Personalised Number Plates As Part of Your Promotional Strategy

There are four marketing principles that are important to every business – the product or service it sells, the price it sets for said product or service, how it will distribute that product or service and how it will promote it.

The key is to have all four marketing principles working for you. But the one that most business owners focus more on is promotion. Promotion is key to informing prospects, leads and customers that a service exists to solve their problems.

And right now, we, as consumers are exposed to more messages on a daily basis than our grandparents were exposed to in a year.

So the age-old question of how to stand out from the crowd is always top of mind for every business. Just the way you and I filter messages from businesses, your clients, prospects and leads do likewise.

It’s time to take a new approach.

A new way in which companies are increasingly using as part of their promotional strategy is to use personalised number plates. This is because businesses can market to their leads, prospects and clients indirectly. Many businesses use lettering on their vans or cars or perhaps even a full wrap-around cover. But the one place most drivers look is at the car in front and their number plate.

Chanel, the perfume and clothing giant, uses a personalised number plate to promote it’s big seller – Chanel No. 5. The delivery van that drives around the UK displays a very old, unique and valuable cherished number plate – ‘No. 5′ in honour of the famous perfume.

Lord Alan Sugar promotes himself on his car with his very valuable personalised number plate – AMS 1. Every episode of the UK’s The Apprentice displays his car and his personal plate. It’s very subtle and a fantastic indirect marketing tool.

And the good thing about personalised plates is that they are no longer the remit of the big brands or wealthy business people.

Every business can have a personalised number plate

Driving schools, plumbers, taxis, marketing companies, bed and breakfasts, electricians and car dealers are all using personalised plates as a marketing communications tool.

A plumbing company from London, Pimlico Plumbers, gained fame when they began to use personalised plates. Starting with DRA 1N, they now have over 50 personalised number plates. Their range of personalised number plates include WE02 WEE, W4 TER and LAV 1. Customers call up and ask for a certain plumber with a certain van. So having a personalised plate is working very well for this company.

Personalised plates offer a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd. It can provide an extra level of diversification which allows you as a business to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Insummary, not only will your new branded plate promote your business, but it could give you some extra publicity. If you contact your local newspaper with photos of your new plate, then they will more than likely give you some editorial space. How about that for standing out above your competition and being remembered by your potential customers?

A personalised plate can be a vital part of your promotional strategy.

Promotional Strategies to Boost Sales for B2B Marketers

B2B marketing is a funny business and very different to the B2C marketing world. Unlike consumer campaigns, where a mass marketing approach is often adopted, B2B Marketing is much more about developing longer term relationships with a smaller amount of customers and maximizing opportunities for up-selling, cross-selling and repeat business.

But as a B2B Marketer, how can you stand out from your competition and ensure that your brand is recognized and remembered by your target customer? Here are some great ways to ensure you keep your brand in the forefront of your customers’ mind.

1) Organise breakfast events & webinars

One of the best ways to promote yourself is to demonstrate your expertise while providing some value to your prospects before they buy. Holding breakfast events and workshops is a great way to leverage your expertise and build your contact database while delivering real value to potential customers who will appreciate you for it. If your customers are not local, then consider offering webinars, which can be dialled into from anywhere in the world.

2) Produce Whitepapers

Producing content which can be mailed out to your contacts all over the world is a great way to demonstrate your credibility and expertise and keep your brand in the forefront of people’s minds. In B2B marketing, most people don’t appreciate a hard sell, but they do value information which can help them do business better and will appreciate those suppliers who take the time and trouble to help them with no obligation to buy from them in return. The more you can show your skills and understanding, the more they will trust you and your ability to deliver for them, increasing their chances of buying from you.

If you have a few impressive clients, considering approaching them to partner with you on a whitepaper which could include commentary from you as well as from key spokespeople at some of the brands you already work with. Credibility by association has massive value in the B2B world and will help show that you are trustworthy if other respected brands are using you already.

3) Get on top of your PR

Most businesses in the B2B world are so busy working that they have little time to take sales calls or to source for new suppliers, but what we do know is that they value the information they can source from respected trade publications, their websites and their newsletters. Creating a strong and consistent PR strategy is the key to getting your brand in front of your target audience at a time when they are ready to absorb information and take notice. Remember coverage via good quality PR is always more credible than paid for advertisements, especially if it appears in a magazine or website that your customer trusts.

4) Be seen at the right trade shows

Attending trade shows is a great way to get in front of your target audience in an environment where they are ready to be sold to, albeit softly! Trade shows are more about getting your brand out there, networking and meeting people, rather than discussing business. The age old saying of ‘people do business with people they like’ has never been truer than at a trade show, so focus on building relationships with people first and the business will come second. One of the most useful things to do at trade shows, whether you are exhibiting or just attending, is to have some good quality business cards or promotional items to hand out to potential prospects. USB Business Cards and USB Flash Drives are excellent ways to leave lots of valuable information with potential customers in a small, handy and attractive USB stick or card. Opt for a storage capacity of 2GB as this the most popular and gives you the ability to pre-load it with important information about your company, while also leaving enough free space for users to store their own data and information on it too.

B2B marketing in the current climate can be a challenge with longer lead times than ever before, but with the right approach to building your profile and the right promotional products to keep your brand at the forefront, you can look forward to a prosperous year ahead!

Web Video Promotion Strategies for Online Businesses

In recent years, video marketing has continued to grow at an astonishing rate, spurred on by the increase of video sharing sites such as YouTube. Hundreds of web videos are being added daily by promoters using them as a means of generating traffic to their websites. Here you will find a few video marketing guidelines that you may find useful in promoting your own web videos.

In order to make sure that your videos are rated highly by Google, it is important to make sure that you use the proper key terms in you video heading and subject description. The heading is important because it is the very first thing that will be seen on the video. The heading is what draws the viewer’s attention and allows them to make a decision on whether or not it is something they want to watch. Therefore, in order to snare the viewer it is crucial to have an excellent subject heading, and more viewers will mean more visitors to your website. It’s that simple. Headings should be kept short and sweet in order to be effective, and naming your product or service in the heading will help to spark interest and let the audience know what to expect when they watch your video. Understanding the importance of a heading is essential in the promotion of your videos.

Another strategic tip in making sure that you get the attention you want is to post more than one web video, as a single video will not be able to out shine the millions of others that already exist on the web. In order to avoid being overshadowed by rivals you will need to create several videos that focus on the same target audience. This will also help to earn you a higher ranking and allow you to distribute your videos more widely. Many promoters who only post a single video will later find themselves wondering why they aren’t meeting with successful. Your capacity to get the results you want depends entirely on your ability to branch out effectively and make sure your web videos are seen.

One of the simplest and most effective video promotion strategies is to post your videos on your personal web page and/or blog site. You should not have to put your trust solely in internet sites that share videos as your only resource, as vlogs or video weblogs can also be their own highly useful resources. Since Google catalogs and rates videos, making use of your web page and blog in tandem will give you a very effective pairing. By using your own sites you will also be able to avoid the possibility of your web videos being removed since you are the host. Once you have begun to build a collection of videos on your web page you should start to notice an influx of guests to your site. Essentially, the more videos you produce and host, the better your results will be, allowing your company to develop and grow.