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A Successful Promotional Strategy

Everyday purchase decisions are made in supermarkets at the point of sale. Even when consumers shop intending to purchase a particular brand, they often change their minds once they are in the supermarket.

In some of the supermarket, demonstrations have evolved to more effectively and speedily push products off the shelf and into consumers’ shopping baskets. Promotional Sampling has developed several variations of in-store promotion to meet a variety of budgets and objectives.

Now a day, promoting our product in world wide is an easiest one, there are lot of promotional agencies are doing this task. These promotional staffing agencies are supplies staff for all purpose of marketing. Thus, the company needs to effectively utilize all its promotional staff in a manner that a strength of one is use to offset the weakness of other to achieve its organizational goals and objectives, this can be done through appropriate promotional strategy or plan.

The main objective of Promotion is to build awareness, create interest, provide information, boost demand, and create brand awareness, brand loyalty and preferences. It can be for the dealer, reseller, salesmen or the consumer or buyer. A successful promotional strategy multiplies the salespersons presence and increases his effectiveness. A properly executed promotional program can accomplish these objectives:

All promotional efforts aim to increase sales. While advertising and sales promotion do this directly; publicity and public relations influence sales indirectly, by encouraging the buyer to think highly of you, your company, and your products. Most people would rather buy from a person or company they like even if they don’t know them personally. If your company handles most of its own promotion, you should still think of yourself as a company within a company. On a smaller scale, promotion is as important to the smaller company, as it is to the larger corporation.

There are many promotional agencies which hire promotional staff in order to improve sales for the business. It is always recommended to make use of promotional staff from a respected agency to understand the variation what high-quality promo staff could bring in to the overall approval of a product. Promotional agency hires first class promotional staff to put down an optimistic impression on customers in different marketing measures like trade shows, exhibitions, corporate functions, product launches, and street-based promotions.

What Is Behind The Scenes Marketing? Promotion Strategies For the Independent Musician

What is behind-the-scenes marketing? Here’s the thing. We’ve scoured the net and a lot of articles on this topic are missing the mark. Yes, you can choose to hire a PR firm if you have the funds. Alternatively, if you’re willing to work at it, you can certainly generate a ton of press yourself. Let’s go through a few methods rarely described elsewhere. In fact, this one in particular is one of our original ideas. Our advice is that you use it right away and count the results.

Be personal and/or stroke the ego.


That could well be the most important piece of advice for independent musicians. How do you get ahead in this world? Do you wait in line for everything? How about when the line is 1,000 people long? Some artists take longer than others to realize it but you must BUILD RELATIONSHIPS. If someone knows nothing about you and you offer him or her nothing in return, there is about a 1/100 chance they will cover your music. That works fine if you want to send 1,000 emails to get potentially 10 reviews and burn a lot of bridges in the meantime.

Being personal means more than just copying and pasting the person’s name into your pre-written email template. Of course, the press release or album information part of your email can be pre-written. The rest should be original and engaging.

Anyone who runs a podcast or writes for a music publication is bombarded by bands looking for coverage on a very regular basis. You have the opportunity to make someone’s day or aggravate them.

Ask yourself what typically makes your day as an independent musician? It could very well be that one email you get from a fan who appreciates your music. Maybe they have a particular favourite song and they tell you why. You think “This person actually listened to me”. This is the same feeling you want the independent press to get when they read your emails.

If you write the typical “Check out my band” email, it’s the equivalent of people posting their advertisements on your Myspace wall.

What can you do to build a relationship?

What we’re trying to say is: If you are a metal band and you go to the Google listing of Top metal websites you may be tempted to immediately go to their contact sections and follow their submission policies verbatim. For some of these websites, that would certainly be the best route. We’re going to go through this in great detail since it’s critical and it seems nobody else covers the topic in too much depth.

Sometimes going by the rules doesn’t pay. You may submit all of your CD’s to a popular publication year after year and never get a review – or any coverage at all. This is when you change your tactic.
The media are not so intimidating. They are just groups of individuals! Therefore, when you can, contact them INDIVIDUALLY. This is how you get into ‘the fortress’. When we say the fortress, we refer to a popular music website, magazine or publication.

Contact INDIVIDUALS. The media is a lot less scary when we realize that they are all just collectives of individuals. Independent music media is even easier to crack. Many of the reviewers don’t get paid much (if at all) and they are music fans like yourself. How intimidating is that? That means they have something in common with you. Use that to your advantage.

Here is the 1st of 3 important BEHIND-THE-SCENES marketing tactics:

Try looking up articles on YOUR favourite bands, or most importantly, bands that are similar in style to your own – and contact the person who wrote the piece. Reviews on niche bands give you something unique to talk about. You can relate to the writer about being one of the few people to discover the band. Even better, congratulate them on discovering the band in question!

Say something personal about the review/article – why you liked it, what you like about the band, etc. Be natural. Ask a question such as “Have you heard such-and-such a band? I think you’d love them.” This gets a conversation started. Keep in mind these writers typically get no feedback from their reviews and articles so positive feedback or a pat on the back will get their attention. In the title of the email mention who the email is attention to and how you found them.

For example “Attn Sean – your Queens of the Stone Age review”. Guaranteed that will get Sean’s attention. It looks much better than “Attn reviews – Please review my band!” Count on those to go to the delete box more often than not.

In the SECOND paragraph, you mention your band. Don’t be pushy. Provide a website link, or better yet, have a digital download of your album sent to their email address. (Bandzoogle and HostBaby should have this capability. Use it! It will save you money.)

Here is a template for you to get an idea. Keep in mind the idea is to be honest and actually communicate with this person. Change your wording every time! Try to genuinely relate to the writer.

HEADER: “Attn Sean – Your Queens of the Stone Age review”

BODY: “Hi Sean, This is James from the rock band Broken Jaw Dance Party. I found ________ Magazine through your rather excellent review of Queens of the Stone Age’s album “Lullabies to Paralyse”. I thought it was well done and agree with your favourite track choices (mine are “Little Sister” and “Burn the Witch” as well). I’m curious as to what you think of their latest release “Era Vulgaris”. To me it’s a stronger album. Also, have you heard (insert band name here)? Given your musical preferences you may get into them. Check them out and let me know what you think.

I’ve sent you a digital copy (email the digital copy of the album to Jame’s email address. It should arrive as a free download that he can access easily) of Broken Jaw Dance Party’s new album “Curbstomp Disco”, as I think you’d enjoy it. Queens are a big influence of ours (give a short story of how you got into them, or keep it simple) and a review would be appreciated of course.

Thanks for your time and once again, great job on the review!

Broken Jaw Dance Party

brokenjawdanceparty dot com
(include email and phone number contact in signature)

Why Your Business Needs a Web Promotion Strategy

The web is the preferred channel for increasing numbers of people who want instant access to information and services whenever it suits them. 72% of searches for products and services are now carried out online, it is the #1 research tool for businesses and half the UK population now go online at least once a day. On a single day in July 2010 Britons spent an eye watering £5 billion online and annual spending on the web is set to grow by 56% to £35 billion in the UK over the next four years (a year on year increase of 12%). Whether you love or loathe the internet, it is an inescapable fact that any small business without an effective web promotion strategy in this day and age is at a serious competitive disadvantage.

Your website is the powerhouse of your online marketing and as a small business owner the time and money spent developing your website will probably represent one of the most significant marketing investments you ever make.

But the sad fact is that 95% of websites fail to get traffic let alone leads and sales. It is simply not the case that “if you build it, they will come”. That is why before investing in a new website you need to have a clear web promotion strategy.

This involves:

  • Setting measurable objectives
  • Prioritising the actions that are going to deliver most value for your business
  • Establishing design requirements from a customer perspective
  • Carrying out keyword analysis to identify the key search terms that will drive traffic to your website
  • Building a site structure with search engine optimisation in mind
  • Analysing your online competition to determine how well positioned you are to compete effectively in your online marketplace
  • Developing a compelling and distinctive online value proposition that will grab visitors’ attention and make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Putting together a blueprint for engaging, relevant and high quality content.

Only when all of these elements are in place will you be ready to begin developing your website. Once the site is built you should then configure web analytics and learn how to use the tools and reports to monitor your web performance. Then you will have a way of checking that you are on track to achieve the objectives you set at the beginning and adjust your strategy as you go along.

If you follow this process you should ensure that your website is one of the 5% that are successful in attracting targeted traffic and converting your visitors to warm leads and customers.