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Flamboyant Advertising and Promotional Strategies

In order to maintain operational and functional viability in the emerging fiercely competitive scenario, it is usually recommended to rationalize the existing strength and potential of the business. Companies generally take a critical look to analyze their spending and mulling how they can get an edge over their competitors. It many times leads them to think on organizing flamboyant workshops, seminars and advertising campaigns. These strategies are very necessary and add to promoting business in case of new product or service launch. For example, you see a lot of advertising banners on the launch of new GSM service from a telecom company or opening of new outlet of a food giant.

Innovative and stylish display of your products and services can be achieved through number of means. However, the most cost effective solution that gives value for your money is retractable banner stand. It is the latest trend to stay ahead and head on for a profitable business. To get the best out of your business and enjoy the commends from your near and dear ones, banner stands should be your choice. They are available in different sizes and shapes to match your budget. You can use them on a table or on a window or outside the entrance of your place-of-interest. Space and ambiance play a major role in selecting the right banner. In a big hall or big exhibition where you see a lot of players, you can select a big size retractable banner stands. In those events, where you need to display a number of products on a single stand and there is a frequent requirement of change of graphics, you can go for flexible stands. If you deal in natural products or support eco-friendly initiatives, you can go for bamboo display banner stands. If space or transportability is not the problem only looks matter, you can select attractive X banner (cross bar structure) or L banners (slanting supporting bar structure).

You can try as number of possibilities as your creative mind may think of. You can even hangout your banner, you can try different colour combination, you can try with different graphics, and you can try with different material. Additional accessories are also available as an added benefit to you. You can use a 50w halogen light on top of the banner in night or use a small promotion counter or booth along with display of banner. You can use fashionable and matching literature stands and racks to complement the message about product or company. Overall you need to create an impression on the customers with your different promotional strategies. The one who does it intelligently wins the market and attracts its consumers. Therefore it is the time to rethink on exploring new vistas in advertising world and taking technological advantages. These one time investments can help enhancing your business or sales or service. It ultimately results in considerable savings and professional impression in the minds of the customers.

Promotion Strategies to Crank Up Sales in a Slow Economy

In a time with so much economic uncertainly, consumers are on the hunt for bargains. And consumers aren’t the only ones tightening up their belts; businesses large and small are scrutinizing purchases more than ever.

Whether your company sells to consumers or business, creative promotion strategies can give sales a much-needed boost to revenues in a difficult economy. To generate ideas, take a look at the big retailers. While the economy is slow, the big box stores are pulling out all the stops to bring customers in the door (and to their websites).

Following is a list of promotion strategies from the real world. Use these to inspire ideas for generating creative promotions for your business. Though many of these are used in retail sales, they can easily be replicated for all kinds of businesses.

Gift with Purchase

One local furniture store frequently gives away substantial gifts with purchase. For example, buy a bedroom set and get a flat screen T.V. or a gas barbecue. The cost of the bonus item can be subsidized by partnering with the maker of the give-away (they offer it at cost in exchange for publicity).

Falling Prices

Many retailers are trimming prices across the board and using the opportunity to advertise: “Check out our new lower prices!” You can bet that they will raise prices again later when the economy begins its recovery, but in the meantime, it gives them an edge over their competition.

A New Spin on the BOGO Offer

The Buy One, Get One offer is a perennial favorite and one retailer found a way to inspire higher-dollar purchases. At the time of this writing, Costco is selling five $20 Starbucks gift cards (a $100 value) for $80. Since coffee is a luxury item that can be sacrificed when consumers tighten up their budgets, offering a discount provides a boost to both Costco and Starbucks.

Deep Discounts on Clearance Items

Instead of the typical 20% to 40% discount on end-of-season merchandise, sales racks at stores are boasting discounts as high as 75%. Some even offer an extra 10% off if you use, or apply for, a store credit card. What retailers lose in deeper discounts they make up for in sales volume.

Group Discounts

Many businesses offer special discounts to groups such as seniors, teachers, students, corporations, members of trade associations and non-profits. Whether offering a percentage off on a certain day of the week or year-round, this strategy can provide a great incentive for buyers. As an added bonus, organizations that receive these discounts will often promote the offer to their members.

The Loss-Leader

A loss-leader is a deep discount on a product sold below cost (at a loss) in order to get people in the door (so they will spend money on other purchases). Grocery stores are famous for offering popular items like soda at ridiculously low prices. Recently, the California Lottery held a promotion that caused a traffic jam in one Northern California city. When customers purchased $10 in lottery tickets, they received $50 in gasoline. Not only did this promotion prompt a huge spike in lotto sales, it was so popular that it ended up getting air time on the evening news.

Discounted Gift Certificates

Retailers love gift certificates because they generate cash flow and a high percentage of them never get redeemed. One local hair salon sold gift cards valued at $50 for just $25 and marketed them to the business community. They sold dozens of cards to business owners and sales people who gave them away as gifts for their clients. As a result, the majority of the cards were distributed to potential new clients.

Gift Certificates with a Bonus

A popular holiday promotion that many restaurants and retailers employ is to offer a bonus with gift certificate purchase. For example, for every $50 in gift certificates purchased, get a special $10 gift card. Typically the bonus is valid only in the following month, giving the buyer incentive to return and make yet another purchase.

Free Stuff

To get new customers in the door, one local computer shop offers complimentary health check-ups on computers. While customers wait, they have the opportunity to shop for add-on products and services. In a similar promotion, a local pool company offers six months of pool cleaning services with any new pool installation. After servicing the pools for several months, the company will likely land contracts for continued pool maintenance services from satisfied clients, thus trumping the competition.

Web-Only Discounts

Smart retailers collect e-mail addresses and send out regular promotions to subscribers. For example, save 25% when you shop online before Friday!

Events: Register with a Friend

A great way to fill seats at events is to offer a discount when you purchase two tickets. For example, if registration costs $100 each, sell two for $150.

Remember, the point here is to find creative new ways to promote your products and services. In a difficult economy, price becomes an important factor when making purchasing decisions. In order to thrive in a marketplace that is becoming increasingly competitive, we must all learn to think outside the box to keep the sales wheels turning.

Bulk Umbrellas – How to Stop Your Promotional Umbrella Marketing Campaign From Breaking the Bank

If you are looking to use promotional umbrellas in your marketing strategy, it is important to buy them in bulk as the unit cost will then be a fraction of the cost. Finding a supplier is not difficult because bulk umbrellas are quite easily available at cheap wholesale prices, from either the internet or through trade suppliers. Bulk or wholesale buying is quite common among many business traders, regardless of which sector you work in.

By using wholesale prices you will save time and money not just on the product but also on the shipping, handling and storage of your umbrellas. If the order is large, you can demand a quick turnaround as a condition in the contract, to ensure that you can start your marketing campaign very quickly. Furthermore, you could request small design changes and have the umbrella customized to you. Bulk umbrellas are available in all of the major umbrella styles, including golf, beach, outdoor and mini umbrellas.

Here are five things to consider:

1. If you are looking for a brand name umbrella, these will be considerably more expensive and harder to be customised to your specific needs. There are, however, some brands, which you can buy quite easily at a whole sale price and customised as per your specification. Be sure to ask the supplier if he has any agreements with leading companies and if you are looking for a specific brand of umbrella to be used, ask them if the supplier is accredited with them.

2. Auto Open Sports umbrellas are good quality and can be easily purchased at a discounted wholesale price. These umbrellas are ideal for golfers and protect against harsh weather conditions, due to their larger coverage area. They have a strong wooden handle and an automatic opening mechanism.

3. Some good quality brands include double ribbed construction to withstand tough conditions. Their hardwood handle enables an easy, comfortable grip and the large canopy is great against severe heat or heavy rain.

4. Multi colored bulk umbrellas are really suitable for many occasions. They have a good quality wooden handle and a press button for an automatic opening. The canopy is made out of superior quality fabric to withstand difficult weather conditions. Many of these umbrellas are also ideal for various occasions, and are great for protection against strong heat, heavy rain or storms. They also offer an ideal canvas upon which to print your logo onto, as you can choose the panel that has a colour that is best suited as the background of your logo.

5. There are large numbers of attractive looking, unique brands, which are usually available in red, white, blue and green colors. They have a straight hardwood handle, which looks really nice and lasts longer, too. They are great for protection against sun or heavy rain.

Bulk buying is quite a simple and less time consuming process, if planned and implemented properly. You need to organize it well and carry it out according to your own set rules and regulations. Bulk buying, if done seriously, can be considerably cheaper and is a great way of making a lot of savings in both time and money.

This will not only save a lot of your time and energy, but would also make your targets more achievable, realistic, and measurable, too. So it’s always a best idea to become a member of these retailers, in order to save precious time and also to take advantage of their huge discounts and other offers.