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Technology and Its Importance in Marketing Your Business

In the last decades the personal computer has become an essential in almost every house. We have come to depend on it in many aspects of our life from communicating with friends and relatives to perform better in our job or school. It has become part of our lives so much that many of us don’t even imagine how our lives would be without it.

The Internet has also become an integral part of our everyday life. Books, encyclopedias and in some cases even newspapers have been gradually replaced by the Internet. They call it ‘the information highway’ and we rely on it to find the answer to our questions, to find interesting information, to share our knowledge and in turn benefit from someone else’s knowledge, to meet new people (many times far away). The Internet has made the world a smaller place because now it’s easier to talk to people from one end of the earth to the other.

The world is changing. Things are not the same as they were 10 or even 5 years ago. This is something you have to notice and take advantage of in you business just as you do in your day to day life.

Big companies have the benefit of big budgets and they plan their marketing strategies based on that. They build massive campaigns to take their message to as many people as they can. They buy TV spots in prime time, buy half a page or full page newspaper ads, stuff radio airwaves with their commercials, rent billboards just to advertise one of their products. You, on the other hand, do not have that luxury because you don’t have the money it requires. But you aren’t completely helpless, in fact you have a great advantage: the changes the world is experiencing.

As I said, we have come to rely on the internet for many of our activities. Internet usage in North America has gown by 125.6% in the last seven years. It is estimated that out of 301,139,947 in population, 215,088,545 are internet users (2007 estimates). That’s a penetration of 71.4%.

The widespread usage of the internet has made it an inexpensive yet very useful resource for your marketing objectives. Email marketing, special offers, seasonal promotions, multimedia marketing, all these just cost a fraction of what their offline counterparts cost. Most of the time all you have to invest is time.

Tools available on the internet now days enable you to get great graphic designs I just a matter of minutes, today’s high bandwidth services allows you to benefit from the full potential of multimedia marketing. It’s like having a TV spot running not only in prime time but all day long.

The world is changing, and it’s changing to your benefit. You just have to keep a keen eye and seize the opportunities as they present. Don’t be afraid of change, welcome it and profit from it.

9 Important Areas Your Patients Care About – Survey Results Can Feed Your Dental Promotion Strategy

Every business owner knows that you build your reputation on word of mouth advertising. If your clients are not happy with your services, it is not very difficult for them to find another provider who can meet their needs. Understanding what your clients like and incorporating this information into your Dental promotion strategy can be a very important aspect in driving more business.

Asking your customers what they like about you or your office can be a powerful tool in identifying market differentiators that set your practice apart from the competition. Many dental professionals are starting to use surveys to solicit information and compiling these results into their promotional campaigns.

As these results are tallied, there are common themes that become apparent when analyzing the data. The list below indicates some of the most important aspects of a dental practice to patients.

  1. Chair side Manner – Your ability to build a rapport with your patient is a huge asset of any dental processional. As with any profession, your ability to relate to your customer base is one of the most important aspects of any business.
  2. Compassion – Your patients need to know you care about their issues and well being. Sincere concern can go a long way in building rapport and long lasting relationships. If they fell like a number they can easily find that in other dental offices.
  3. Stress free dental care – Many patients know that having their teeth worked on can result in a high degree of pain. Your ability to assure them that you will be as gentle as possible during the procedure can be well received.
  4. Convenience – If your hours and location make it easy for them to get to you, this will be another are that is extremely important to your clients. Remember that a dental visit is not the easiest thing to work around when you have a family, and if your office can accommodate their lifestyle, you will have more patients sitting in our waiting room.
  5. Clean and comfortable environment – A clean office with modern decor is a sign that you and your staff pay attention to detail outside of the dental chair. A white sanitary looking office brings a negative connotation to the patient waiting for their turn in the chair. Giving them a warm environment before and during their visit can help them become less stressed and more comfortable.
  6. Payment Flexibility – A variety of insurance coverage and optional payment plans will help your customers become less worried about how to pay for your services. Providing payment options can ease them into a more regular schedule and they are more apt to continue their preventive care visits.
  7. In case of Emergency – Emergency Care is a critical part of a dental practice. Having a proper process for your patients to access your services during these times can make or break a relationship. If you are always unavailable when they need you the most, your relationship will be short lived.
  8. Be Kid Friendly – A positive connection with children during cleanings and office visits can minimize the parental stress meter. Remember that parents fight tooth and nail to get them there, and if you can make your office and procedures more kid-friendly the easier it is to get them there.
  9. Variety of Services – Offering a choice in the types of services you offer can give the patient more reasons to visit. Bonding, whitening and other cosmetic services can help them see you as more than just a tooth jockey.

In summary, re-evaluating your practice and how it deals with customers can launch your office into a new are of satisfaction and success. Asking them what they like or dislike and incorporating this information into your office can pay great dividends. In addition, you can set yourself apart from the competition by adding survey results and strengths into your dental promotion campaign.

Different Promotional Strategies That an Online Marketing Company Uses

In the competitive online world of today, only having a website does not guarantee success in business. The way the digital technology is enhancing with such a great pace, along with a website, a good internet marketing or online marketing plan is very necessary. With the right online marketing tools and of course, the right online marketing company, you can attract a lot of visitors to your website and can earn huge revenue by selling your services. A good online marketer makes use of a wide range of marketing strategies in order to promote the website of the clients and to put forward the messages in front of millions of internet visitors.

Search engine optimization is one of the most effective marketing strategies, which is used to improve the visibility of the website. The online marketing company makes use of SEO to customize the keywords of the website so that it could easily be accessible to the search engines and the online visitors. A good marketing company performs thorough analysis of the keyword trends that are prevalent in the specific business and ensures that those are relevant to the search engines.

Use of the social networks is another online marketing strategy that most of the companies follow to get the maximum success. Most of the internet users are now active in the various social networking sites such as Face book, Twitter, and Google Plus etc. This provides an opportunity for the businesses to connect with people using the social sites and to inform the people about the products and services effectively. Businesses build their own fan base by creating customized fan pages and this keeps them in touch with the online customers.

Another popular strategy that an online marketing company uses is the Pay per Click. This is an advertising strategy, in which the advertisers publish their ads on the websites and they pay the publishers when the advertisement is clicked by any visitor. It’s a great way to directly drag traffic to your website. A well experienced online marketing company focuses on some of the key factors of Pay per Click advertising such as keyword research, choosing the effective keywords and keyword grouping.

The email marketing services are another productive strategy to market your business through the website. The email services can be delivered quickly in multiple formats and also at cost effective rates. The email marketing services are supported by segmentation and database integration and they target the specific customer base. Email promotions and newsletters are all part of the email marketing services and they play a vital role in building awareness among the people about the products and the services.

Another approach that an Online Marketing Company takes for effective online promotion is the link building. In this process, partnerships are established with other website owners, and cross links are created between the websites. Link building increases the search engine rankings of both the websites.