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7 Promotional Orthodontic Marketing Picks For Busy Patients on the Go

There are some traditional marketing strategies of old which will never die. Free promotional items, which fill a need or create excitement, in the eyes of patients, is one of them. Potential patients are more appreciative of the free items received during a new patient exam than colorful printed information and marketing materials. The print materials eventually end up in the trash after consumers have read them, while promotional items are a constant reminder that elicits brand recall over a much longer period of time. For existing patients, promotional items are a constant reminder of your community presence. It also encourages conversation of treatment services from satisfied customers.

An innate natural tendency of humans is to reciprocate acts of generosity. Supplying patients with promotional items they can display in public on a daily or regular basis encourages interaction and word of mouth referrals, especially when branded with your logo, name, and contact information. Friends and family members are more inclined to contact a treatment provider whose name they have heard or seen before from someone they trust, rather than printed newspaper ads, phone books, or expensive TV promotions.

Consider using promotional items which are easily portable and allows the recipient to market your services while they are one the go. When implementing a promotional program, taking the time to research or consider how branded items expose your name to the public is the difference between an ordinary marketing promotion or remarkable one that builds referrals. There is no additional expense involved on your part, only the time and effort to ensure your choice of promotional items maximizes your company name and logo to its highest potential. Any environmentally safe product is a sure bet.

Listed are a few examples of seven promotional picks for patients on the go:

oA coffee mug usually remains home while a travel mug for both hot and cold beverages is taken to work or school and displayed on a desk or counter for all to see, comment, and express opinions
oWater bottles go anywhere and work for all ages. Paper is out, non-toxic plastic is in…
oA t-shirt that prominently displays your name or logo in public affords a much better ROI than a t-shirt with muted colors where your brand is not readily displayed, even if a more trendy style
oChoosing a functional pen that is ergonomically comfortable and looks good with your printed name and contact information is more likely to remain in a purse or pocket. It can be easily found and offers contact information quickly rather than looking for a phone book, PDA, or business card.
oA travel size umbrella is easily stored in a car, purse, or backpack on a rainy day
oA sturdy canvas bag prominently displays your name and logo at school, sporting events and in the work place
oBook covers are always a hit students and mandatory is many areas. The more colorful and unique the design the better

The use of the promotional products should always be used to improve the customers’ perception of the practice and how it treats its patients. Not only will you be seen as generous, thoughtful and kind, but also appreciated for the perceived value of importance you place on your patients.

Presentation today is everything… especially during tough economic times. Maximize your investment and choose your promotions wisely when dealing with the public and promoting your practice.

Does Your Website Copy Promote Your Marketing Strategy

It is very hard for business owners to look at their website with anything but the eyes of pride.

* They see their website as a their baby, a product of hard work, investment of time and money.

* And, they often see their website as extension of themselves. But it doesn’t do what they want it to do.

Your website is about your product.

Now, this product maybe your company itself as with an about us based website, it may be information as it is with research or review site or it may be an actual product as with an e-commerce site. Even if you own a cleaning service and part of your product is your actual self it’s still a product site.

Everything within your website should have one purpose, getting a visitor to respond.

The right words combined with the right design will turn visitors into customers.

Too often, we create a professional user-friendly design for clients who then populate their site with text they just “knocked off.” Your words are the foundation upon which your business is built. Your products, your website and your marketing strategy all depend on your words.

* Flash doesn’t make a sale. Your words do.

* Every headline, paragraph, sentence and word should be written with one idea in mind.

* To lead your visitors to take action, i.e. sign-up for a newsletter, request information, call, and or place an order.

Good web copy doesn’t just happen. It has to be created. I’m always amazed that the same client who will spend two days debating what shade of red his logo should be will simply write off the top of his head when creating the actual copy for his site.

Well-crafted web copy is different from business correspondence. While many business owners think they know who their audience is, the truth is they are only recognizing one small portion of their audience. Too often, business owners make assumption and cognitive leaps that leave potential customers questioning. They overload their text with industry specific acronyms and technical jargon. In some instances, this may be appropriate but typically, this in depth information should be relayed via inner navigation.

Good web copy is written with these principles in mind.

1. Desire – show how your product or service can benefit.

2. Awareness – Tell people who you are and what product or service you are offering

3. Interest – Create interest with direct appeals to your potential customer by identifying a problem and show them a need for a solution

4. Action – Influence your potential customers to take action

Write your website copy as if you are talking to just one person. Identify a problem and validate that one visitor’s need for a solution. Continue to write and explain why your product is the solution to their problem. Tell them exactly what your product will do for them; why it will solve their problems and how. Pack your copy with benefits and more benefits. And, understand the difference between a product feature and a product benefit.

Your website is your online salesman. Just as you hire a sales staff with care and look for team members who are informative, courteous, professional, presentable and mirror your company’s strategies and goals, you should create web copy that works with your company.

Using Twitter For Your Salon Marketing Or Day Spa Promotion Strategies

Have you ever thought of day spa marketing with Twitter? Have you heard of salon marketing with Twitter? If you do not know what ‘Twitter’ is – here is an interesting fact. ‘Twitter’ has made it to the top of the list of most popular English words in 2009 as per the Global Language Monitor. For the uninformed, “Twitter” is a micro-blogging platform where you can update friends on what you are doing in less than 140 characters. However, this tool has been exploited by savvy marketers and for good reason. You can build your online presence, network with people from around the world and drive traffic to your salon or day spas website by increasing your Twitter following.

Can Twitter help with salon marketing?

Is it possible to use this new networking phenomenon as a tool for salon marketing or day spa marketing? Some people argue that it requires posting good tweets at frequent intervals and following good tweet etiquette. Others say that you have to drive traffic to your Twitter page and follow others so that they in turn, follow you. For instance if you have a special day spa promotion, you can update your followers on Twitter and ask them to visit your spa website to take advantage of the special promotion. Or if for instance, you are marketing a hair salon, you can use one of the web marketing strategies of popularizing your Twitter page using forum or email signatures. You can be an active member of any forum that has people discussing about hair styles and make meaningful posts. Include a link to your salons Twitter page in your profile or signature, thereby driving traffic to your Twitter page. You can also include a link to your page in all your email signatures.

Strategies of most popular Twitter users

You can visit to check out the people with most number of followers. You will find that most of them are celebrities or they already have a successful business offline. They are using this forum to supplement their offline marketing efforts and building a rapport with their followers.

Strategies of unpopular Twitter users

There is no point in getting obsessed about the quality or frequency of your tweeting. You need to treat this form of marketing as you treat your salon or spa website. It is just a marketing tool by which you can build rapport with your customers and effectively market your hair salon or day spa to them. The key to effective marketing on Twitter is just using it to drive traffic to your salon or day spa website and help enhance customer loyalty.

Strategies to increase your followers

Increasing your followers is just like increasing your customers with whom you can have a personal relationship. Come up with marketing strategies for your day spa or hair salon which would provide an incentive to those who want to follow you on Twitter. You can set up a contest or giveaway on your Twitter page. You can also create a free tool and advertise it on your Twitter page. You can tweet about interesting articles which would interest your followers and provide a link to them.

You can also go ahead and start following other people expecting them to follow you in return. However if you overdo this, Twitter may label you as a spammer.

So you can use Twitter in your salon marketing or day spa marketing efforts in two ways. You may either use it to bring instant traffic to your website or network and build a rapport with your followers. Depending on the end goal you want to achieve using this tool, you can go about building your followers. Check out this industry specific guide to help you when marketing your salon or day spa.