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How To Market Your Small Business Website Free Of Cost?

As opposed to what many people think about online marketing, promoting your website on the internet need not be expensive. In fact, most of the strategies that are at the disposal of the webmasters do not really cost them any money but just their time. So if you know how to make use of these small business website promotion strategies, you can promote your own website free of cost.

Here are top ten free small business website marketing techniques that you can use to promote your website. Whichever strategy or strategies you are implementing, make sure to put in regular efforts and you will be able to enjoy excellent benefits.

#1 Article Marketing – Create resourceful articles and publish them in the article directories. To create articles you need not be a published author, you just need to know how to present your information coherently in an interesting style. The challenge however is to know how to create search engine friendly articles.

#2 Facebook Marketing – Create a Facebook Fans page for your business and invite your friends to visit your Facebook page and to ‘Like’ your page. You will need to keep your Facebook page updated regularly. Try to build and expand your network in Facebook. Your popularity will increase as your network in Facebook grows larger.

#3 Twitter Branding – Next important social media branding effort that you need to take is to create a Twitter profile for your brand. Tweet regularly about your business, the new offers and the latest information about your brand.

#4 Guest Blogging – Blogging is a very effective way to get your brand noticed. Guest blogging will help you enhance your brand’s visibility. Guest blogging is not about posting marketing text in the blogs but to build resourceful niche related content around your brand.

#5 Submission To Free Classifieds Sites – Submit your website to free classifieds sites. There are numerous free classifieds sites that you can consider for your brand. Try to submit your website to as many sites as possible. Create catchy descriptions about your products and services. Make sure that you are making your submissions to the right category so that your brand gains visibility when people are searching for products and services you are offering.

#6 Submission To Web Directories – Similar free classifieds site submission, submitting your website to web directories will also have a very positive impact on your website. You should make your submissions manually. Here again create catchy titles and descriptions for your listing. Submit your website to the right categories and include the right tags.

#7 Forum Posting – Take part in forum discussions and whenever you get a chance make a mention of your brand. You will have to however make sure that you are not marketing your products or your brand in the forums. If you post marketing texts then your account will be banned for spamming.

#8 Blog Commenting – Visit blogs that are relevant to your niche and take part in the blog discussions. Make your comments count and do not market your products or services in the blog comments.

#9 Social Bookmarking – Create social bookmarks for all your web pages. Use different keyword combinations and hypertext links for making your social bookmarks. Do not use the same linking text over and over thinking that it will strengthen the keyword. Google now considers it spam.

#10 Squidoo Lens Creation – Create as many Squidoo lenses as possible and link your Squidoo lenses to your website. Bookmark your Squidoo lenses in social bookmarking sites.

All the strategies are search engine friendly strategies and they have been found to be highly effective. You just need to make time to execute all these strategies and there is no need to spend any money. It is only when you think that you do not have time to promote your brand or that you have other important tasks to be taken care in that time, you need to hire a social bookmarking service provider who will take care of your needs. When you do hire a search engine marketing company, make sure that you are dealing with a service provider that uses hundred percent search engine friendly strategies.

Is Article Marketing The Most Beneficial Promotional Strategy?

More and more people are beginning to realize the benefits of writing articles. It is most definitely one of the easiest ways to promote your online business fast and for “free”. Although I say free, writing articles and then submitting to directories and webmasters can take a bit of time. However, with a bit of practice, you will soon be churning out articles in no time.

Article Marketing works like this:

You write an article or more on your niche, which should be related to the website that you are aiming to promote. You then submit your article to free article submission sites in return for a link back to your site. A massive benefit of doing this, and one that can accumulate over time, is the fact that there are many webmasters and ezine publishers that will be looking for fresh content to publish to their visitors and customers. This increases the exposure of your article and as a consequence the link to your site, and the number of links pointing to your website in the eyes of search engines.

As you will probably know, one of the major factors in search engines algorithms is the number of relevant links pointing to your website. The number of links that are possible to gain from article submissions should not be underestimated. In a short amount of time, it is not uncommon to achieve tens, hundreds, or even thousands of one-way links from just a few submitted articles. This will obviously vastly improve how important the major search engines will view your website, and in turn place it higher in their search results.

The consequence of this is obvious; more visitors, more sales, greater profit.

In my opinion, the old style of reciprocal linking is not as powerful as article marketing. Finding relevant sites to approach to exchange links with can be very difficult, depending on your niche. And even then, it can be argued that search engines are not placing as much relevance on these reciprocal links as they once did. Without good software, link exchanges could literally take hours for just a handful of links. In that time you could have written several articles, submitted them to your favorite article directories, and sat back to watch your incoming links and number of visitors stack up!

What is best about this sudden surge of website traffic, link popularity and interest in your products or services is the fact that you have obtained it all for free :-) .

If you aren’t already using articles as part of your marketing strategy you really are missing out. What better way to entice visitors to your site than to educate them on a subject, and show them how much you know about your niche, whilst providing a link for them to find out more at your site.

Strategies For Blog Promotion

You have got your blog up and running on the internet. The next obvious thing to take care of will be to devise promotional strategies that will make your blog visible to others. This requires a certain extent of planning on what kind of tools that you want to apply to the formation of promotional strategies for your blog. These strategies should be given a fair amount of consideration before applying them.

Strategies for blog promotion are many. Nonetheless, what’s listed below are proven strategies that should work effectively for your blog.

(1) Search engines and blog directories

Web directories such as Yahoo and search engines such as Google surfaced to catalog all new sites that are being created. Directories prominently used are Technorati , Blogwise , just to name a few. Send your newly created blog to such directories and search engines for indexing. Your blog will be made visible promptly.

(2) Apt description of your blog to your targeted audience

Write a short and apt description of your blog ; the description must fit the type of audience that you have targeted. Whatever benefits that readers can get from reading your blog must be clearly pointed out. One of the strategies for blog promotion requires you to let your readers know the real reason why they should read your blog in the first instance. What’s in your blog for them? You can support this strategy by using “tagging” which essentially is a subject or category description that you are attaching to your blog and to each individual blog post. This will make your blog more easily searchable by others. Tagging can be done with your posts on directories such as Technorati, for instance you can add tags like “London” and “shopping” to a particular post so that your blog will show up when others search for these topics in blog search engines.

(3) Make use of the “ping”

The “pinging” action will enable you to automatically alert readers that you have written a new post on your blog. This action is executed through the various blog directories and other services that do publish blog updates. Upon publishing your latest post, you will “ping” directories and search engines. The latter will search for the new content on your blog. The “pinging” action will show your blog up in a list of recently updated blogs. To save you the time of “pinging” major search engines and directories separately, you can perform this action in one huge ping , by making use of BlogExplosion , Pingoat or Ping-O-Matic . It is important to remember that you need to “ping” only once. Take note that this “ping” act is one of the more important strategies for blog promotion that should not be neglected.

(4) Two-way comments

If you want to get more traffic, one way is to post your comments on the blogs of others. You should also allow others to post their comments on your blog too. Your perceptions on your blog can be read by others. Posting your comments is in effect equivalent to your contribution to a discussion with other bloggers. Anything topic that is insightful and interesting will surely draw more readers to your blog. It is a door to the building up of your reputation as an expert in your industry. The provision and availability of good helpful resources and relevant links to the topic in question will please the readers and should help to add value to the discussion.

(5) Performing exchanging of links with others

Linking up with other blogs and getting linked back to your own blog is a proven strategy that is intrinsically perfect integration with the blogging model. Readers will be able to access more sources of information on your blog. Your blog will be able to capture more traffic as other blogs link up with your blog. Importantly, the incoming links to your blog should be absolutely relevant to the content of your blog. This is another vital strategy for blog promotion, simply because if the incoming links originate from relevant high-traffic sites, your blog’s search engine ranking will be positively affected. Links can be placed within individual posts.

(6) Put “trackback” to full use

In blogging, you can use “trackback” to the list of other blogs that have linked to particular posts on your blog. You can locate these in the comments section under each post. With this feature enabled through your blog software, each time someone makes a link to a post on blog, you will be informed via an automated message from the other blog, and in return, your blog software will automatically add a link to the other blog below the post that is being referred to. You can use Haloscan where you can find free trackback tools to manage.

(7) Good quality content

What’s needed most on your blog is content. Content must be of quality in order to attract readers. If you want to write real good content, you must ensure two things:

(a) Information that you give on your blog must be unique. Give expert content from various perspectives.

(b) Keep yourself informed and abreast of latest developments in your industry. Be the one to make the first spin of news.

(8) Create repeat traffic

Readers come and go. The solution to this scenario will be for you to write new post on new topic every day. It appears to be hard work, but there isn’t much choice if traffic is to be repeated. Remember that the content must be great. This is a vital strategy for blog promotion, especially for the purpose of generating repeat traffic. Writing up a series of posts will help in getting repeat traffic as readers will come back for more revelation from the future post. You can even try to request from your readers their email addresses, so that you can notify them of your new updates. This is essentially building up an opt-in list that opens the door to numerous email marketing opportunities.

(9) Social bookmarking, blog awards, web ring

Join social bookmarking sites such as that permits users to share their favorite web sites with one another. Just “tag” to your blog posts and readers will be able to bookmark your site in their account. Another great social bookmarking is Digg. Blog awards are given out online. You can participate for the fun and traffic that it will potentially drive to your blog. You can also join a web ring where you can find many groups of like-minded people who may fall into your category of target audience. This will enable you to build your relationship with them on same platform.

To make your blog effective, you will have to work hard on your content. Using the above listed strategies for blog promotion, you will be able to drive traffic to your blog, as well as succeed in your creation of repeat traffic. So, put these strategies to good use and blow away your competition.