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Website Promotion Internet Marketing – Without It You Will Probably Never Make Any Real Profits

Does your business have a website but sadly no website promotion Internet marketing to go with it (which is actually the key to really taking your business to a new level)?

If you said yes to this question, don’t worry too much at this point, because you’re in the same boat as thousands of other business owners.

The sad fact is, a lot of business owners invest thousands of dollars in a pretty looking webpage but there is no active promotion going on for the website.

Let’s take a generic brick and mortar business for example. Let’s say…

You’ve just opened the doors to your business. You’ve got your building, your lights, your checkout counter your products or services and you’re ready to make a profit with it all.

So now comes the most important part. You need customers coming in and visiting your store. The problem is, customers aren’t just going to come in because you’ve opened your doors for business!


The way it works 99% of the time is that you’ve got your business organized, you open your doors and then MOST IMPORTANTLY you actively start promoting your business so people hear about you and come in to visit you.

That’s when you have a chance to make some sales and start operating a profitable business.

Now why do you think this is any different on the Internet? The truth is that on the Internet, website promotion is even more important than advertising offline. Because right now, Google is king! And without promoting your website you’re probably not going to be found on Google.

Being on page one of Google basically means the same thing as having your business located on the busiest street of your town… which equals to having the most visitors to your website.

So… visitors don’t just come to your business once you open the doors!  Quiet the opposite! You’ve got to work hard to get them there… and it’s exactly the same when you launch your website. You have to actively promote your website with things like article marketing, videos on YoutTube, social media marketing, Book marketing and SEO optimizing your actual site so you show up in the search engines.

So as I said earlier, don’t worry right now… because you are in the same boat as thousands of other business owners. The Internet is still pretty much the wild west for small business owners.

But just by reading this article you’ve actually just put yourself in a better position than 99.99% of business owners. You are now in a position of actually start making money with your website.

And the key to the puzzle now is to take action. Start taking advantage of the promotion avenues I’ve mentioned above and find a stand for your website on the busy streets of the Internet. It’s time to start monetizing your site with website promotion Internet marketing strategies!

Business Promotion – Affiliate Marketing Is an Option

I know that you are using different strategies to promote your business online. Is affiliate marketing one of them? If your answer is no, then you should consider using this strategy to get the best positive results. Affiliate marketing is a process using which you place the ads of your website in other people website and pay them only when they yield some positive result like selling a product.

In this article, we will discuss affiliate marketing and see how you can maximize your profits using this strategy. Just read on.

In this strategy there is an affiliate who builds a website just to place the ads of different website for promotion. The business owners contact the affiliate for placing the advertisement of the website. Now the affiliate is paid only when he/she yields some result. He can be paid in two forms: pay-per-click and pay-per-sale.

Pay-per-click means when somebody visits the website of the affiliate and clicks on the ad, the affiliate is paid. Pay-per-sale means somebody visits the website, clicks on the ad and buys something, then only affiliate is paid. He is not paid for placing the ad in his website.

At the time of ad placement you should be cautious while choosing an affiliate website. Check if the site owner has great deal of experience, yields high traffic and the affiliate has yield great results in the past advertisements. There are many affiliates who also sell products and services online. If you are placing ads in such type of website, then it is important to check that the website you are choosing is closely related to the theme of your advertisement, but not a direct competition with your products and services. This is a nice idea to increase the number of visitors to the website.

Suppose you are selling racing shoes and want to place the ad of your website. What do you think is the best website to place your ad? I have an answer. It is a website that promotes marathons and other races. See, in this example the website is not directly competing with your website. Instead it is attracting audience who may be interested in your ad.

If you decide to place your advertisements in different websites, then you can easily check the performance of the website by placing a code in the advertisement. This code counts the number of clicks on a particular ad. This way you can remove the ad from website which is not yielding good results.

Free Website Promotion Article Marketing

Many web sites these days have been discretely planting articles all over the internet that are not genuine articles, but rather marketing devices for a promotion they are running. While some may consider this to be a disingenuous marketing strategy, it can be a great way to drive traffic to your web site for a promotion you are running.

If you do a Google search for something like “free article aggregator” or “free article listings” you can find a web site that collects articles that have open licenses. These sites basically exist for web developers who need content but cannot yet afford to pay for articles from a payment based content site. If you are running a promotion of some sort, you may wish to whip up a few articles that you can submit to these listing sites. If your articles read well and provide valuable information, people may begin to copy your articles and put them on their site as content, all the while unwittingly driving traffic to your own site. Marketing strategies similar to this are commonly referred to as “viral marketing.” This specific strategy is not in common use, but it is effective enough to consider employing.

There are a few more specific tips to taking advantage of free website promotion article marketing. If you are going to write an article that ultimately points to your own web site, try not to make the article focused entirely on what your site sells or the service your site provides. Begin the article by providing general information, and then specify that your company or web site is one such provider of the product you are promoting. Additionally, this strategy works very well when you include your product as part of a list or as a single step in a how-to guide.