3 Extremely Effective Overlooked Website Promotion Strategies

I have found that one of the most common questions ask by small business owner is how can they promote their website? Followed by how much is this going to cost me?

There are several ways to promote a website and many of them are indeed free from monetary expense, but require an expenditure of time.

However, the online community is full of new, vibrant and exhilarating ways to promote and announce your product or service without having to fork over any money at all. Really, the only limitation is the creativity inside of an internet marketer’s mind. But never forget… that which is free, requires work.

When the average person begins their first website, they have too much time and not enough knowledge or resources. This forces them to learn how to do the work themselves. There are tons of benefits in knowing how to get things done for you that cannot be ignored.

But, the question remains, how can I use free methods to promote my website. Let me give it to you straight.

One way is to write a press release.
A well-written press release can send you an amazing amount of traffic and also garner you global exposure, depending on certain keywords and if it gets syndicated by the major news wires. The news wires can either be online or offline and yield tremendous results for you.

I have also witnessed the power of press releases being vaulted to the top of the search engines, especially Google. Once this happens you can enjoy unlimited amounts of traffic to your website. Press Releases rise quickly to the front page of the search engines in a very quick amount of time. I have even seen it done in as little as 7 minutes in a highly competitive niche.

Another way to get some major traffic is by using reverse email.
Reverse email when someone whose email list you are on sends you an email. You simply reply back to that email with something of mutual benefit and state your case. In essence you let them know that you have something that you think that his audience would be able to use and you would like for him to send it to his list.

That is a condensed version of how that method works, but when you apply it and really have something that is of value to the list owner as well as his readers this can produce some 5 figure paydays in no time flat. Because the list owner has a trust, like and know relationship with the people on his list, your chances of success are much higher.

Next up – web 2.0 properties.
Popular web 2.0 properties have a steady flow of regular readers, viewers, and listeners. What? That’s right, web 2.0 gives you the ability to read, listen, watch videos, or listen to audio. By using these sites and interacting with the people, responding to comments and making updates, you are showing people that you are a real person and have something to share with the community. Establishing yourself as a trusted expert can go a long way in website promotion, even if you are new online.

There, I have given 3 effective methods you can use to promote your website without money. Now it is time you change the way you do business!