Advisor Marketing Strategy: Marketing to the Affluent With Sid Walker

While most advisors understand the value of getting referrals, most, admittedly. aren’t completing enough HVFDAs, high value fixed daily activities to get the consistent supply of quality leads from their wealthy clients, prospects, referral partners and centers of influence. In addition, too many advisors have no plan and learn their marketing, selling, closing techniques and referral strategies from the school of hard knocks. With proper mentoring on how to grow your advisory business, you can literally take years off your learning curve and save hundreds of thousands of dollars, in lost revenues.

So the question is how can I accelerate my financial advisor marketing strategy and attract more high net worth clients? To find the answer, I decided to pick the brain of Sid Walker in this years Affluent Summit.

Sid Walker is the champion of relationship-building style consultative selling and marketing for financial advisors who want to work with and market to affluent clients.

Sid is the founder of the author of six books including How to Get More Comfortable Asking for Referrals. He is also an expert coach for financial advisors on topics such as interviewing to get more client commitments, how to develop the confidence to prospect, strategies to overcome call reluctance, overcoming the fear of self-promotion, how to “Get on a Roll” and “Stay on a Roll” and financial advisor strategies for selling and marketing financial services.

Sid offers some great insight to making your financial advisor marketing strategy a huge success by increasing your closing ratios and achieving high quality referrals without being pushy or controlling.

Advisor Marketing Strategy: Understand the Fundamentals of Success

If you want to expand your advisory business with higher closing ratios and referrals from affluent clients, you have to understand the fundamentals.

Sid provided amazing insight including:

  • Why the psychology of selling and marketing to affluent clients is so important
  • How to promote yourself to wealthy clients without being pushy or aggressive
  • How to create the mindset that will attract high net worth clients
  • Strategies to create the ideal financial advisory business you desire (even if you are not affluent)
  • The secret to getting more quality referrals

He also shares the power of focusing on the client’s interests first. And what you must focus on to ensure you succeed in working with high net worth clients.

Advisor Marketing Strategy: Do Things Differently than other Advisors

Achieving a higher closing ratio and getting more referrals from wealthy clients requires that you do things differently. One advisor marketing strategy Sid shares is to be more aware and ask as many questions as possible. By allowing affluent clients and prospects to talk as much as possible, you can learn everything you need to attract all the affluent clients you desire. One of the best ways Sid teaches to promote affluent referrals and higher closing ratios is “Doubling your sales by asking more questions.”

Advisor Marketing Strategy: Creating an Affluent Referral Environment

Sid shares that you can increase the probability of getting higher closing ratios by simply creating an affluent referral network that allows the high net worth client/prospect to talk and explain their personal issues and problems.

Sid Walker provides simple concepts that you can implement into your advisor marketing business plan immediately so you can attract all the high net worth clients you desire. His ideas are practical and motivational. His strategies consistently generate affluent client closing ratios as high as 90%.