Blog Link Promotion Strategies in Generating Online Traffic and Sales Leads

There are many proven strategies of blog link promotion to help you succeed in online money making. Many have moved away from blogging as a means of promoting their online business, to strategies like video and social media marketing. But the benefits that come with blogging cannot be overlooked. The main advantage of having a blog is that it is interactive. Furthermore, with content on your blog you can never go wrong.

When it comes to blogging, your blog URL is the most important aspect of blog link promotion. Apart from links being picked by search engines, they also help other bloggers in knowing who is trying to connect to their blogs. Include your blog URL when commenting on other blogs. This will prompt people to follow your link to investigate more about you. These same people will later turn out to be your online sales leads.

This tells you that you need to visit blogs in your niche and share your opinions on their articles. You will notice that some of these blogs will allow you to post a trackback link. Make sure that your comments add value thus necessitate readers to click on your link. Blogs that include a section to add a trackback link, are good in blog link promotion thus you need to take advantage and generate more traffic.

Adding tags to your blog posts is also an important aspect of blog link promotion. These tags not only generate targeted traffic but are easily picked by search engines. In addition, tags act as categories in your blog hence making it easier for readers to navigate through your web pages.

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