Current Trends in Event Promotion and Marketing Strategy

Promotion is the key to an event’s success. Without an effective promotional campaign, it is difficult to reap maximum benefits from organizing events. Moreover, with a surge of online promotion, social media is gradually starting to occupy the center of everyone’s attention. Corporate events and tradeshows nowadays are extremely dependent on online marketing and promotional strategies. However, it should be kept in mind that traditional strategy of face-to-face marketing has not yet lost its ground. It is important to remember that personal connection and networking still has a place outside of Facebook and Twitter.

This article is going to discuss the current marketing trends of organizations adopting marketing strategies to host a successful event.

1. Companies are making wise investments: At present, organizations are looking for ways by which they can ensure that their investment of time and expense delivers back in a proper way. The focus here is on quality, not quantity. Hence, when it’s time to decide your target attendees, make sure that invitations are sent to the best of people who can help you in maximizing your ROI.

2. Attendees want real information: Keep in mind that your target attendees are looking for practical information about your event. Hence, while carrying on with your promotion campaigns ensure that you are offering quality and substance; not just 2 days of sales pitches. It is better to deliver engaging, interactive displays, innovative product exhibits, unique and valuable information, not taking into consideration the mode of marketing, online and offline.

3. Use of dynamic, interactive displays: Using audio/visual element for an event’s promotion has now become a ruling trend. You can add these to your exhibit’s environment but make sure that you do not go for an all glitz and glamour look and discard substance along the way. Engaging your audience and delivering your message can be accomplished through innovative custom trade show displays or adding interactive components to your exhibit.

4. Use of social media for promotion: With the surge of social networking, event promotion strategy has achieved a new dimension. Harnessing the power of social media, organizers now can promote their events at relatively low costs resulting in potentially high returns. In fact, social networking is the best way to bring in qualified attendees.

5. Compact and powerful branding: Keep in mind that branding is an integral part of a successful event promotion strategy. Hence, your brand message has to be essentially powerful, so that it can have the desired impact on the audience within a short span of time. Make sure that the communication is short, simple and powerful.

Nowadays, target audiences become more selective and organizations are working incessantly on realizing high-ROI initiatives. As a result, organizations are trying to customize marketing communication strategies to achieve the favorable results.