The Best Promotional Strategy Around – Giving to Receive

Well, it’s almost that special time of the year which seems to come more quickly every year.

That’s right – paying the council rates.

But seriously, have you decided what you are going to give your clients/customers/suppliers or simply friends of your business for Christmas?

Christmas can obviously be a very busy time for us all and it tends to be upon us in no time, however, it can also be an excellent time for thanking those people who are integral to your business.

A Christmas card is a great way to send a simple message to those people you want to thank, however, if you want to go that one step further, here are a few suggestions.

1. A Christmas Hamper

You don’t have to prepare the biggest hamper to get the best results. A few years ago I sent hampers to my “A-grade” customers which contained a stress ball, a bottle of wine, a fruit cake and some nice chocolates, all packed in a flower pot!! Total cost – $32 each.

I delivered the hampers myself and my customers were thrilled. They’d never before received a gift from a business consultant before – usually just a card.

2. Donations for Customers

A really thoughtful and well-meaning gift can be to donate something on behalf of your customers. A simple certificate prepared to confirm that “$5 has been donated to the “Save the Craig Woods’ Sanity Fund” on behalf of John Smith” can speak volumes.

Your customers feel touched that they have done something that can help and the kudos for you, for thinking of the idea can be huge. By all means, still send the Christmas card and another little gift, if you like, but a donation shows people that you also care about others.

3. Gold-Class Tickets

I’m talking about cinema tickets here.

Imagine a lovely night at the movies, lying in your reclining soda, champagne and nibblies at your side, watching the latest movie with wife/husband/lover/person you met in the foyer.

This is something that people can use at their leisure and once again shows your customers that you are thinking about them and want them to have a good time.

You really get the royal treatment with these tickets and though they may cost a bit (i.e. approx $75 for 2 tickets) they may be just the think for your top customers who are spending significant amounts with you.

So there you have it – a few ideas to wrap your minds around if you have not yet thought of anything for the people who make your business a success.

Now as Christmas is almost upon us I want you and your families to be happy and keep safe over this period and look ahead to 2006 to see what ideas you can implement to make your business an even bigger success.

And I’ll be there to help you all the way!

Here’s to your Christmas!