Top 5 Ways to Promote and Market an Affiliate Program

Marketing affiliate products can be challenging if you don’t know what to do and how to go about the marketing. There are various methods via which you can get an affiliate product in the face of people. But in this article, we’ll be examining the top five methods that you can use in promoting affiliate products.

1. Marketing to a list.

It is imperative that every marketer build a list. Why? Because the money is in the list. Anything short of that is less than spectacular. Marketing to an “opt-in” list built by you almost always generates lots of money on affiliate products. To do this effectively, all you need to do is create an avenue where you can consistently send your subscribers an email with offers. The list is about the best source of marketing because the subscribers trust you -if you have been offering high quality information and recommending reputable products- and know that what you offer them is of high value. Remember the “no lesson today” method we talked about in a particular edition, this is where you can utilise the method effectively. You can just decide to take one day off every week to make them these offers.

2. Use Pay per click methods.

Using PPC methods effectively entails just two things: Doing proper keyword research and bidding reasonably. PPC search engines ask you to pay a preset amount for every click you generate. The good thing about using pay per click
Programs such as Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and MSN Adcenter is you get highly targeted traffic. Only those who are searching for your products get to see them. For instance, if I am looking for Shoes of size 43 to buy and I type that keyword into the Google search bar, I will get results that are tailored towards that search. So, the only listings I will see will be those related to shoes. Now, if someone -an affiliate of a shoe merchant- places an ad about the various shoes sizes, I will definitely check out his website. If I like what I see, I could decide to buy from him. Do you get the idea? To use this method well, learn how to research your keywords properly so that you won’t run at a loss.

3. Use Ezine and newsletter ads.

Most affiliate programs provide you with material that you can send as solo ad or top sponsor ads. All you need do is buy an adspace in any of the ezines that catch your fancy and have them send the offer to their subscribers. If your letter is well crafted, [people have been known to make lots of dough from this method. You could also use this method to just generate a flurry of traffic to your landing page where people will sign up for more information or an ecourse that you would have programmed your autoresponder to send out on a daily basis. In this ecourse, they’ll read the information and then go ahead to visit the recommended link (your affiliate link). That way you could also make lots of sales.

4. Distribute Viral reports.

These are reports that different people can pass on to their friends to read. All you need do is fill it with information that is extremely relevant, include your affiliate links in the reports and have give people the permission to give it away as long as the content is not tampered with. This also generates lots of results not to mention profits as it spreads like wildfire all over the internet.

5. Article Writing.

Write articles that are tailored to the products and services you intend to sell, and post on various article directories. Most article directories have categories for almost anything on the surface of the earth. From UFOs to Astrology to Wizardry to Xmas Celebrations. Write your articles; create a compelling byline with the affiliate link lading to the destination page. If you want to mask the link, you can either create a redirect or use link shrinking services such as,, To test how effective this method is, write just 5 articles on a topic, post in five different article directories then wait to see the results. If you are satisfied with it, then you might want to incorporate it into your overall marketing strategy.