Website Promotion Strategies – 9 Great Ways to Boost Traffic on a Budget

Searching for new ideas to promote your online business? Here are 9 effective promotional ideas that you can implement to boost quality traffic to your website. The good news is that many of these strategies are low or no cost, allowing you to tailor your marketing strategy to your budget.

1.) Create a Remarkable Website … It is far less expensive to build a remarkable website than it is to advertise an average one. Come up with a remarkable aspect for your product, service, business etc., then incorporate it into your website. Give people a reason to talk about your website and they will do your promotion for you!! (20-40hrs, $500 varies widely)

2.) Proper Keyword Research … Use WordTracker and Google Suggest to select the proper keywords and begin search engine optimization on your website. (10-15hrs, $59)

3.) Setup a Free Squidoo Page … This is an excellent way to boost your search engine rankings by creating links from your Squidoo page back to your website. It is also an excellent way to generate valuable traffic from the Squidoo community. (2-5hrs, FREE)

4.) Create Articles that Provide Useful Information … Start by creating three or four articles that provide useful information related to your product or service, then post them on your website and target the keywords you selected earlier. (5-10hrs, FREE)

5.) Digg, and StumbleUpon your Articles … Use these free services to let the world know about your articles. These services also provide a dramatic boost in your search rankings. (2-4hrs, FREE)

6.) Purchase a Yahoo Directory Listing … This is a great way to get a link from the #1 website in the world to your website. A Yahoo employee reviews your website, categorizes it and then places a link to you. Both Yahoo and Google check if you have this link and boost your search engine rankings. (1hr, $299/yr)

7.) Press Release with PRWeb and Majon … This is a fantastic way to be able to choose keywords in your press release that are posted on their top ranked websites that link back to yours. Not only do they significantly enhance your search engine rankings, they also announce your business and products to the media. (3-5hrs, $308)

8.) Laser Targeted Purchased Advertising … Find top websites in your industry and purchase advertising from them. This may be one of the best methods of gaining substantial traffic. Not only do you get traffic from the websites you advertise on, but you can also drastically increase your search engine rankings because important websites in your industry are linking to you. (20hrs research, $100 and up)

9.) Google Analytics and Yahoo Search Submit … The more the search engines know about you, the better. Don’t make them guess. By installing Google Analytics on your web pages and submitting your website to Yahoo Search Submit, you let them gain valuable knowledge about your website and, in turn, they will rank you better! (5-10hrs, Google FREE, Yahoo $59/yr)

Approximate total time and money spent low end — 68 hours, $1,325

Approximate total time and money spent high end — 110 hours, $3,525+