Website Promotion – Strategies to Bring in Viewers

After you make your own website, you can’t simply upload it and expect the viewers to flock to your door. Unless you make the effort to promote your site, you may not see any traffic at all. Using the wrong techniques, however, can brand you as pushy, cause you to lose money, or waste your time. Using the wrong website promotion strategies can even cause you to lose your ability to turn up in Web searches. Here are a few techniques you can use to bring in visitors after you make your own website.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the best things you can do to help others find your new website is to make the site easy for the search engines to read. That means designing the site on a clear structure, making it obvious what each page is about, and using unique content. It also means setting up the site with an XML sitemap and using other behind-the-scenes techniques that help the search engine robots clearly understand how your page is put together.

There are many supposed SEO strategies that aren’t appropriate, however. For instance, heavy use of keywords to get the search engines to notice your page is both outdated and dangerous. It makes pages hard to read and can even cause search engines to disregard your new site. Likewise, extensive use of meta tags, repurposing other sites’ content, and “black hat” techniques like using invisible text or serving different pages depending on the visitor, can get your site de-indexed.

Link Building

While SEO is a good basic technique for promotion, it’s not wise to rely too heavily on it. If you use only search traffic to get new visitors, you might lose out if your favorite search engines change their algorithms. The best search marketing companies actually rely primarily on links from other relevant sites to get their traffic, a strategy you can also use. Talk to friends who have relevant sites about exchanging links. Be willing to promote yourself on forums and social media sites where other site owners may see your posts.

Don’t link-build by paying for links, however. This practice often leads to low-quality links. It can also cause your site to be de-listed by search engines if you’re discovered. You should also avoid overtly promotional linking practices, like making posts on forums of which you are not a member or posting just to promote. Remember that viewers want context and value out of every link they click. Promotion with the viewer in mind can help you spread the word about your website without running into problems.

These aren’t the only strategies available after you make your own website, but they’re some of the most common and important. By focusing on good site structure and natural promotion techniques, you can get more visitors and build your audience surprisingly easily.